Game of Thrones’ and Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

By Ruby Brown

March 16, 2018


Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days, and it clearly offers a lot when it comes to improving the customer experience. Alexa, Google Home, Siri — these computer compatriots have become household staples. But, as we covered in our SiteSpect Synopsis, benefiting from AI isn’t as simple as choosing a service and letting it run. AI is a valuable but fickle friend. Shall we say, the Tyrion Lannister of marketing tools?

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I Have My Mind

The Lannister brand is one of the worst in Westeros, and it’s no coincidence that it fails to utilize its strongest asset: Tyrion’s brain. Tyrion was born Lannister, and initially has some natural allegiance to the lot. But they disregard him time and time again and fail to leverage the potential of his analytical skill. The Lannisters have, by way of luck, the most valuable business tool they could want, but they fail to recognize that and therefore never benefit from it.

As a brand, the Lannisters should be set up for success. They have the budget (at least at first), they have brand recognition, they have brand advocates, and they have a killer (hmm…) marketing team. But they have an advanced AI that they don’t know how to use and can’t leverage. So often, brands will acquire AI for marketing, but let it sit without leveraging it to improve campaigns. If your data is bad, the AI is going to spit out inaccurate results. If your AI isn’t in sync with your A/B testing software or marketing strategy, then it can’t offer anything useful. If you’re lucky enough to have a Tyrion on your team, make sure he’s part of every conversation.

Putting Intelligence to the A/B Test

Eventually Tyrion joins up with Daenerys Targaryen. Thank goodness, at last! Dany has her brand strategy in place. She has good information, loyal followers, the will of the people, and well, dragons. Now, she has Tyrion to work with all of the existing parts, and she actually listens to him. The complete opposite of the Lannisters, Daenerys recognizes the value in what she has and puts it to work. It’s not that she needs him, or that he can, on his own, fix every problem or rough patch that she encounters — he can’t, and he doesn’t. But, Dany recognizes good counsel when she sees it, and doesn’t let it lay to waste.

Take Dany’s example here, and if your brand utilizes AI work with it in a collaborative effort to make the most out of your assets. Tyrion is brilliant, but in the beginning of Game of Thrones he doesn’t do anything that great. He’s entertaining and great fun to talk to, but his wasted potential pretty much results in lavish forays with much wine. Once part of a dynamic, functional, team with a purpose, Tyrion becomes one of the greatest political minds and leaders in the Seven Kingdoms. What’s your intelligence doing for you?

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Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown

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