The Avengers: How the Super Team Can Improve Your Marketing Program

By SiteSpect Marketing

April 27, 2018


Even if you’re someone who suffers from superhero fatigue, you can’t deny what Marvel Studios has accomplished over the last decade, as they’ve created a superhero movie franchise with interconnected storytelling, complex characters, and artistic exploration. But aside from the literal marketing that the Universe has given us, we can look at this super team in kind of the same way as our campaign management and optimization. Despite the plethora of characters that you need to keep track of, with one of them being a literal planet, their purpose and character arcs contribute to the overall core of what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) so rewarding — just like you move around a million complex pieces to create a unified message. That said, let’s look at some of the heroes from Avengers: Infinity War (no spoilers!) who, though seemingly useful on their own, come together to present a unique and powerful experience for viewers.

Iron Man: The Anchor

The core of the entire franchise, the MCU doesn’t exist without Tony Stark. Stark’s role puts an exciting but familiar spin on what it means to be better than the average hero. Stark boasts the common heroic traits of self-sacrifice and goodwill, but he takes it a step farther by presenting the question to the viewer: “How can I be better than before?” Think of him as your A/B testing and optimization solution.

Shuri: The Breakout Feature

Shuri is a character that comes across as an enjoyable and noticeable surprise to the viewer. Her character changes the entire franchise in that she brings something new to the table: a scene-stealing, innovative, and inspirational woman that can take command of the scene, and even T’Challa’s Black Panther suit. Shuri is a character that any producer can take notes from if they want their lead actors to command the screen, but more importantly, the audience’s attention. Think of Shuri as your technically advanced but practical visual editor.

Hawkeye: Seemingly Needless but Surprisingly Necessary

You may not know much about Hawkeye, but he’s an integral part of what makes the franchise inspiring to the common person (even if he isn’t on the Infinity War poster). Think about it: in a universe where every superhero team has ridiculous appearances and abilities, one hero is just a guy with a bow and arrow. And yet he’s important in conveying that in a world of gods and aliens, anyone can have a role in changing the franchise. Kind of like how any feature of your digital touchpoints might show big results.

The Future of the Avengers

I can’t wait to watch Infinity War and keep watching these superheroes’ development and adventures. Meanwhile I’ll be thinking about how the characters of the MCU exhibit the characteristics of SiteSpect’s optimization platform: an exciting, powerful, but simple-to-understand product with surprising and useful features, and it’s a platform that anyone in marketing and IT can use. Let us know if you see any more resounding similarities!

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