Adventures in SiteSpect: Testing Top Navigation with Visual Editor

Ruby Perlmutter

The Visual Editor allows you to design anything you’d like — including SPA — without getting into the code at all. It’s perfect for designing and implementing variations quickly, and is accessible and intuitive for marketers who may not have coding experience. Let’s dive in!

The Power and Importance of Micro Conversions

Kate Orchard

If you’re overseeing a testing and optimization program, you know how critical it is to communicate the business impact of your efforts quickly and clearly. For most of us, we reflexively zero in on the end goal.

Case Study: An eCommerce Experiments With Their Product Detail Pages

Kate Orchard

The quantity selector, a standard feature on ecommerce sites, gets rethought in this case study. The result was huge.

Cyber Monday Is Sooner Than You Think: Is Your Mobile Site Ready?

Sally Hall

It’s already November, and that means Cyber Monday is inching closer and closer. If your mobile sites aren’t optimized for the influx of traffic yet, now is the time to get going. For many brands, Monday will bring the most single-day traffic ever.

Making the Most of Optimization: October Blog Roundup

Ruby Perlmutter

Welcome November! Now’s the time to catch up on October, and this month was all about practical content for A/B testing. Dive in if you’re looking to study up on how to get the most out of your A/B testing strategy.

Get to Know a Software Engineer

Ruby Perlmutter

Yue Wu is a Software Engineer here at SiteSpect. He’s part of the team that makes SiteSpect run — whether that’s building new features, addressing bugs, or responding to customer feedback in the product. This month, I sat down with him to learn more about what he does.

SiteSpect Synopsis: Building Customer Relationships

Bill Cunningham

At the base of optimization and personalization practices is a desire to provide customers the best experience possible. Of course, what that looks like will vary between organizations, but it usually involves understanding customers first and foremost. In this Synopsis, I’m diving into recent stories that impact how brands develop and maintain customer relationships, and how to optimize in a way that establishes customer loyalty.

Case Study: Adding a CTA for Out of Stock Items

Luke Hardwick

Using SiteSpect, this organization was able to add a CTA for out of stock items while integrating with their inventory software. 

How To Choose Your First A/B Test

Kate Orchard

If you're excited to test anything and everything across your digital channels but you're unsure where to start, this blog is for you.

Case Study: eCommerce Updated PDP Information to Increase Sales

Luke Hardwick

This brand redesigned their product detail pages to feature delivery information more prominently. They saw a huge upturn in conversions.