A/B Testing Product Images: Dog Models Against Model Dogs

Kate Orchard

A top pet supplies retailer tested a change that they hoped wouldn't make waves. It ended up improving conversions by 15%.

Case Study: Webroot Uses SiteSpect to Improve Site Speed and Lift Conversions

Ruby Perlmutter

Leading cybersecurity provider Webroot employs SiteSpect for testing and optimization and improves site performance while using data to inform business decisions.

Seasonal Conversion Rate Optimization: Don't Make These Five Mistakes

Kate Orchard

​Love it or hate it, the approach of October means it’s about time for businesses to buckle down and optimize for the holidays. Whether you already feel the holiday season fatigue or you can’t wait for it to start, the fact remains that this time of year means an increase of business — especially in retail. While for the most part this is a boon, you’ll want to avoid falling into some common traps when working on seasonal conversion rate optimization.

Web Optimization for Single Page Apps (SPA)

Luke Hardwick

Single Page Applications (SPA) have become increasingly popular over the past decade as they offer big benefits for developers and users. However, because their design is different from traditional websites, they cause a few difficulties for marketing, analytics, and SEO. Fortunately, there are pretty simple solutions to these problems.

8 Ways to Optimize On-Site Search

Iwo Kadziela

Customers navigate a website in one of two ways: they browse or they search. In fact, on-site search is the second most visited area of any given website, yet it’s not always at the top of the priority list when it comes to site optimization. Given the prominence of search and the impact it has on revenue, it should be one of the key areas in your testing plan.

Six Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating Your Optimization Strategy

Bill Cunningham

Your customers interact with you across media and online channels, and that experience has to be cohesive in order to get the returns you want. So, when you’re choosing an optimization solution there are six questions we recommend you ask yourself and your vendors.  

Speed Feeds Business: Understanding How Website Testing Affects Site Speed

Eric J. Hansen

Most clients I work with are excited to implement their testing solution because of the potential for site updates, design features, or code releases. Many don’t consider the impact that these tests will have on site speed — a factor that impacts your SEOconversion rates, and customer satisfaction

Back to School Solutions, Optimizations, and More: August Blog Roundup

Ruby Perlmutter

Summer is coming to a close, so before the fall hits full swing it’s a good time to catch up. This is our list of the top 5 blogs we published this month.


Get to Know a Solutions Developer

Ruby Perlmutter

Takoda Register has been a Solutions Developer at SiteSpect since January 2018. He works with customers to build the campaigns they want to see on their sites. That might mean making recommendations, taking an outline and turning it into a reality, or managing an already built set of variations. He’s one of the guys you go to when you have an idea and you want to see it built. I sat down with him this month to learn more about what he does.

A Marketer’s Cheat Sheet for Web Optimization

Luke Hardwick

You think you have a great website, but do you? If you are not optimizing your site via A/B and multivariate testing and behavioral targeting, you are likely not making the most of your online presence. So where to start? This checklist will help you make sure you're not only optimizing the effectiveness of your site, but also better engaging your audience, which will help you achieve your online marketing goals.