A Picture is Worth A Thousand Conversions: Great Examples for A/B Testing

Doug Cohen

Are you thinking about testing on your digital channels, or have you been running a testing program but are interested in learning more? You’ve come to the right place. Think of this blog series as a catalogue of optimization tests, where you can learn about what went right, what went wrong, and where you might be able to test your sites for optimal engagement and risk mitigation.

How to Optimize the Customer Journey for Awareness

Kate Orchard

Every marketer I’ve worked with spends huge amounts of time and effort generating brand awareness. Almost as many marketers come up short when looking for metrics to gauge growth. Over the years I’ve found a few ways to test and measure awareness that validate your marketing efforts and allow you to fine tune your campaigns.

SiteSpect Synopsis: Where Marketers Are Behind in GDPR Compliance

Bill Cunningham

GDPR goes into effect this Friday, and even if you’re a U.S. organization, if you have any traffic from the E.U. you have to be prepared. We’ve discussed the way that GDPR is going to fall on the shoulders of marketers, but as we approach the deadline research shows that most marketers are under-confident or unsure of their compliance status.

Twelve Parsecs to Optimization: Han Solo and the Magic of Marketing

Ruby Perlmutter

“You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon? ... It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs,” says Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope. For those unsure of their galactic smuggling routes, that’s really fast.

Bad Bots and How to Stop Them

Tal Cohen

Everyone knows that bots can be really bad news. Did you know that today automated bots outnumber humans on the internet? As a result, they are often mistaken for real users. 

SiteSpect Synopsis: Marketing in the IoT Age

Eric J. Hansen

The internet of things (IoT) has become part of normal life and is continuing to grow. Most of us interact with it without thinking. Do you have a smart watch or step counter, a home voice assistant, or a WiFi connected light bulb? As brands interact with businesses off of the computer or smartphone screen we’re seeing new challenges and opportunities for marketers. Here’s what some of the experts are saying.

Can You Risk a Flop? Test to Guarantee ROI Instead

Bill Cunningham

Do you remember the original Blade Runner? Probably, because it was largely successful and has now become a classic. Did you see Blade Runner 2049? If you saw it in theaters, you’re in the minority. The film needed to make $400 million at the box office to break even… it grossed $259.2 million worldwide. It had everything going for it — an established fan base, Harrison Ford ­— so what went wrong? Well, it’s likely you make similar calculations all the time for your team. You want to invest in growth, but can you risk a Blade Runner 2049?


The Best Testing Fail of the Week: If It Worked Once It, It May Not Work Again

Sally Hall

This week’s fail was informed by a major success. A change that boosted conversions on one page ended up causing a very different result when reproduced.

5 Reasons to Think Backwards: Smarter A/B Testing for Better Results

Kate Orchard

While I will always defer to the numbers when it comes to optimization, there is a time and a place to actually look backwards — not at the results of a given campaign, but instead on the process your customer will take on the journey of engagement. Here are five reasons to think backwards and ways to do it, so that you can design smarter and more effective tests.