Meet a QA Engineer: Interview with Geoff Harm

Ruby Perlmutter

​Every wonder what the testing process is like for software? Geoff Harm is the one to ask. I interviewed him this month to learn about how he goes about breaking things on purpose.

SiteSpect Synopsis: Marketing Trends for 2019

Bill Cunningham

​Happy New Year and welcome 2019! As is tradition, we’re bringing in the new year with a list of trends to look for in the next twelve months.

New Years Optimization Resolution Guide

Ruby Perlmutter

Testing and optimization should be part of your digital strategy all the time, but in the spirit of resolution season, we’re providing you with an optimization resolution template. Use it to audit your current program, determine areas for improvement, and launch into the new year with a resolution you know you’ll keep.

How JavaScript Tags Affect Site Performance

Justin Bougher

This blog will break down why your site may experience latency issues, and how to test while maintaining site speed and avoiding latency altogether.

Adventures in SiteSpect: Create a Seasonal Homepage Theme

Ruby Perlmutter

 In this blog, I’m going to walk you through how to make seasonal design changes — including images, text style, font, and color scheme. Follow along, and look back at my past blogs to see how to make site-wide changes using both the Visual Editor and Find and Replace.

Case Study: Product Results Page Redesign Improves Customer Experience

Luke Hardwick

This hotel improved the customer experience on their product results pages, and saw a huge lift in engagement.

You Bought It, Now What?

Bill Cunningham

In this blog, I’m going to walk through the steps you should take after buying a major technology solution, including how to get your team on board, how to hold your vendor accountable, and how to guarantee an extraordinary ROI.

A Guide to Testing Team Best Practices

Dave Roge

While there isn’t one right way to tackle optimization, there are best practices that when followed can be the difference between success and failure. 

Jump Into Optimization: November Blog Roundup

Ruby Perlmutter

​Congratulations! You survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and are well into the longest holiday shopping season in years. Check out November’s best blogs for your optimization inspiration.

Case Study: Using a Simulated Payment Option to Determine Demand

Luke Hardwick

This case study gives a great example of using A/B testing to determine whether you need to add a vendor at all, and uses creative KPIs to understand customer behavior.