Transitioning from Google Optimize 360 & Oracle Maxymiser: How to Preserve & Improve Your A/B Tests

By Kevin Plankey

September 7, 2023


For many years, organizations have embraced the A/B testing tools Google Optimize 360 and Oracle Maxymiser to help refine their online user experiences through personalized A/B tests. 

If you haven’t heard, both are shutting down shop soon; Optimize 360 will cease operations on September 30, 2023 and Maxymiser will shut down on May 31, 2024. But just because these solutions are going away doesn’t mean your A/B tests should come to a screeching halt with them. As the old saying goes, “When one door closes, another door opens.” Your new door could quite possibly open up to the most effective A/B testing solution your organization has ever seen. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain why the sunsetting of these A/B testing platforms serves as a great opportunity, allowing you to reexamine your current A/B tests, tools, and strategies. By transitioning to a new A/B testing solution, you can secure distinct advantages and opportunities that were previously untapped. We’ll also look at what the transition process looks like and how to get the most out of your next A/B testing platform. Let’s get into it.  

The Challenges of Transitioning A/B Testing Tools

As with any change in business solutions, A/B testing tools present their own set of challenges that you should get familiar with beforehand. 

The Learning Curve of Adopting New Software

There’s no way around it—there will always be a bit of a learning curve when you jump into any new software. The question is how steep will the curve actually be? When you’re comfortable with a set process, getting pushed out of that comfort zone can be, well, uncomfortable. And the idea of losing all of your knowledge and the hard work you’ve put into your previous tool is unsettling. We completely understand. 

To combat the learning curve, at SiteSpect we’re not only an A/B testing solution, but also a consulting agency rolled all into one. This means you’ll have access to our team of advisors, implementation specialists, and consultants to assist with:

  • Migration
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Ideation & prioritization
  • Segmentation & targeting
  • Testing strategy development
  • Campaign data analysis

You’ll even have access to our 24/7 critical support line to get the answers you need, fast. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition process for your team. 

Potential Interruptions & Disruptions

But what about the potential for interruptions to your testing program? This is another valid concern and a top issue for CRO teams who are beginning their search for a new A/B testing solution. We can’t speak on behalf of our competitors, but for SiteSpect platform users, interruptions will be a nonexistent issue. 

Our onboarding team will work diligently with you to ensure your Google Optimize 360 or Oracle Maxymiser programs are transitioned without a single interruption to your testing and experimentation. How’s that for an easy transition? 

Want to experience an interruption-free transition to your next A/B testing platform? When you make the switch from Optimize 360 or Maxymiser to SiteSpect, you’ll receive complimentary migration and onboarding. Check out this page to see how your current solution compares. 

Preserving & Improving Your A/B Tests with SiteSpect

Now that you understand how quickly and easily you can overcome the transitional challenges with SiteSpect, let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits you stand to gain over your current sunsetting solution. 

Server-Side Technology

Our patented design offers unique benefits that can’t be replicated. With our platform, you can transform APIs and content right in the flow of delivery, gain advanced server-side experimentation and functionality, and improve page load times. Since our engine sits in the flow of traffic, you’ll never need to use JavaScript tags or server-side SDKs. 

Not only can you replace all the functions of Optimize 360 or Maxymiser, but you’ll also gain capabilities that can propel your experimentation program to the next level with our proprietary server-side technology. 

For more information on our server-side technology and capabilities, and to see how we compare to other A/B testing tools, check this out.

Faster Load Times & Limitless Campaigns

Scaling up an optimization program often entails running a larger volume of tests and requires precise control over campaign overlap. Our patented design allows users to be present in multiple campaigns at the same time, without encountering issues of campaign overlap, website flicker, excessive latency, or compromising quality in the user experience. As a result, this capability expands your possibilities for the number of testing and personalization campaigns you can execute at the same time. 

Data Accuracy & Integration

When performing A/B tests, data is paramount in shaping successful campaigns. Did you know that SiteSpect provides a greater level of data accuracy than Google Optimize and Oracle Maxymiser? Once on SiteSpect, you’ll no longer be subject to client-side tag misfires, or have your testing and personalziation constrained by browser privacy defaults. Additionally, SiteSpect is integrated with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which  boasts improved tracking, data analysis, privacy controls, enhanced reporting, and new customization options. And if Google Analytics isn’t your thing, no problem! We also fully integrate with all other leading analytics platforms—so you’re covered no matter your preference.  

All-in-One Solution

If you’re using Optimize 360 or Maxymiser for client-side experimentation, and separate A/B testing tools for…

  • Product recommendations
  • Server-side testing
  • Feature flagging
  • Personalization

…you’ll be happy to know that SiteSpect combines all these functions under our single platform solution. Gone are the days of juggling multiple tools, logins, implementations, and vendor relationships. Now you can consolidate these functions into a single user interface.

The Best Time to Transition 

As Google Optimize 360 and Oracle Maxymiser gradually make their exit from the market, the best time for you to transition from your sunsetting solution is today. 

This unique window of opportunity has hopefully opened your eyes to the possibilities of A/B tests and experimentation that go beyond their simple features. If nothing else, it’s given you a moment to reassess your optimization strategies and alter the path forward with a suitable and more powerful solution. 

Transitioning to a new platform like SiteSpect ensures that you’re not left scrambling to avoid interruptions and onboarding headaches. Not only will you be able to quickly hit the ground running and grow your testing program with our all-in-one platform, but our team of consultants will be there to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s not about merely adapting to another similar A/B testing service as the one you’re losing—it’s about embracing the potential to alter your strategies, implement new features, and ultimately meet your goals and thrive with a proven and trusted A/B testing solution like SiteSpect. 

Interested to learn how we help create a superior customer experience that drives revenue, reduces costs, and mitigates risk? To see the power of SiteSpect in action, schedule your free personalized live demo today before your current solution leaves the market. 


Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey is the Director of Demand Generation for SiteSpect and is responsible for marketing operations to include strategy and implementation of all demand generation efforts: social, email, website, organic/paid media, and event planning & promotion.

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