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How SiteSpect Origin Experiments Improves Search, Drives Revenue, and Enhances KPIs

By SiteSpect Marketing · June 4, 2013

Today we shared exciting news about the release of a new SiteSpect feature, Origin Experiments®, which helps product teams and marketers A/B test how your site works, not just how…

Page Performance and A/B Tests

By SiteSpect Marketing · May 9, 2013

A/B test campaigns often try to improve the online user experience in order to increase key performance indicators such as conversion and engagement. But, what happens when our ideas for improvement,…

Designing Websites for Multivariate Testing: Four Key Considerations to Ensure Your Success

By SiteSpect Marketing · April 25, 2013

If you are like most digital marketers, you are doing everything you can to optimize your website. One of the best ways to optimize your site is through multivariate testing,…

Optimization Planning 101

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 21, 2013

When it comes to the quality of your site’s user experience, A/B testing and optimization are proven techniques to help you scientifically and continuously improve how you engage, convert, and…

Your Optimization Trajectory

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 20, 2013

Successful optimization programs gather momentum over time. While we tend to focus on the trajectory of individual campaigns, I recommend tracking the trajectory of your overall program just as closely;…

Getting a Jumpstart on Optimization Planning

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 1, 2013

This post will explore ways to create your A/B testing strategy, techniques to identify key optimization opportunities, and best practices to develop a metrics-driven optimization roadmap. So how do you…

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