New SiteSpect Video Illustrates How Companies Can A/B Test Everything and Target Anyone

By SiteSpect Marketing

May 12, 2014


SiteSpect, has posted a new video on its website, illustrating how companies can A/B test everything and target anyone.

Did you know that by combining proven methods of experimental design and predictive analytics, the SiteSpect platform enables you to optimize every aspect of your online visitor experience:

  • A/B test how your site looks, from static to dynamic content, and whole site redesigns.
  • A/B test and personalize everything for mobile, including,, mobile web, and native apps, regardless of whether the device is online or offline.
  • A/B test back-end functionality from pricing and feature releases to on-site search algorithms.
  • Optimize vendor selection by A/B testing different solutions head-to-head and selecting the one that’s right for your business.
  • Launch A/B tests without touching any site code or slowing down your site.

With the world’s most comprehensive digital optimization platform, SiteSpect customers can A/B test front-end usability, back-end functionality, dynamic content, mobile web, and native mobile apps — all with targeting and personalization in one solution from SiteSpect.

SiteSpect advances your company’s optimization culture by giving you the power to:

  • A/B test every aspect of your site and target anyone
  • Run more A/B tests in less time (hundreds if not thousands of A/B tests per year)
  • Create measurable wins for Marketers, Product Managers, and Developers

That’s why we’re the trusted choice of leading online businesses to improve their user experience, increase conversions, and drive revenues. Want to learn more? Click here to request a demo.

Watch the video now.

To learn more about SiteSpect, visit our website.



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