Optimization Success Stories

May 28, 2014


If you’ve ever wondered how some of the world’s largest online businesses are succeeding with A/B testing and optimization, you’ll want to read these case studies.

Case Study: Multivariate Testing for CTA Buttons: A travel booking site experiments with their call to action buttons using multivariate testing and sees huge conversion improvement.

Case Study: An eCommerce Experiments With Their Product Detail Pages: The quantity selector,  standard feature on ecommerce sites, gets rethought in this case study. The result was huge.

Case Study: Product Results Page Redesign Improves Customer Experience: This hotel improved the customer experience on their product results pages, and saw a huge lift in engagement.

Case Study: Using A Simulated Payment Option To Determine Demand: This case study gives a great example of using A/B testing to determine whether you need to add a vendor at all, and uses creative KPIs to understand customer behavior.

Case Study: Adding A CTA For Out Of Stock Items: Using SiteSpect, this organization was able to add a CTA for out of stock items while integrating with their inventory software.

Case Study: Displaying Price Range Leads To More Conversions: This brand used SiteSpect’s A/B testing for customer experience optimization on their products list page and increased revenue.

Case Study: eCommerce Updated PDP Information To Increase Sales: This brand redesigned their product detail pages to feature delivery information more prominently. They saw a huge upturn in conversions.

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SiteSpect Marketing

SiteSpect Marketing

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