Key Learnings from 2022 Customer Advisory Board Europe

By Maarten Plokker

October 10, 2022


On September 20th we had the honor and pleasure of hosting our European Customer Advisory Board (CAB) event in the Atlético de Madrid Stadium in Madrid, Spain. On the evening of the 19th we kicked off the event and hosted a Tapas & Drinks party to welcome the SiteSpect customers from around Europe.

The main objective of our annual event is to facilitate strategy discussions, share market knowledge, show our latest product updates, and present our product roadmap to our valuable customers and partners. The combination of fun social activities makes it a complete experience for everyone attending.

The room was filled with an exceptional group of European optimization leaders, like de Bijenkorf, Idealo, Talpa eCommerce, Stihl, El Corte Inglés, IberiaExpress, DPGmedia and MotorK. They attended to share their A/B testing and optimization learnings, challenges, and successes. Presentations focused on intention-based A/B testing, creating an experimentation culture, A/B testing without user data, conversion rate optimization (CRO) trends in 2022 and the near future, and the hidden gems of SiteSpect. Paul Bernier, VP of Product Management at SiteSpect spoke about SiteSpect’s product vision and future development.

Learning from SiteSpect Users

While each organization has experience with similar challenges in building an experimentation culture, the approach to solving them and excelling varies greatly. Experimentation Works by Stefan Thomke, a professor at Harvard Business School, introduces you to the power of experiments and there are five steps for scaling your experimentation maturity and they have shown that there is diversification in which step companies currently are in. Everyone agreed that in the end it remains a work in progress and you are never done.

A couple of other interesting topics were raised – Can we experiment with less privacy concerns? What can we achieve in terms of experimentation without user data? The insights and the debate created new insights and additional awareness on the cookie less future and what it will and might bring.

A/B testing based on intention rather than segments was another tasty topic. The motivation score, the level of motivation needed for a person to convert, will dictate how much you push the user across the finish line. If a user is likely to convert with a low score, dynamic A/B testing comes in. We witnessed an innovative presentation followed by a lively debate on how to apply this to the testing strategy and ensure the consistency of the experiments.

Interesting to learn was that the use of mobile devices and therefore mobile web and native apps is continuing to grow, however, the lowest conversion rates are still on mobile.

We also shared the hidden gems of SiteSpect. These are undiscovered, scarcely used features which can have a powerful impact on how to build A/B tests or optimize A/B test building. Always great to hear the “oh yeah”, “ah I didn’t know that”, and “we can definitely use these!”. By sharing cases, experiences, insights, and learnings our customers can take away what is relevant and apply new things in their experimentation program. The world is one big A/B test afterall.

This brief recap is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the insights, learnings, and knowledge that was shared throughout the day. Amazing to facilitate and be a part of such an inspirational group of people.

Looking Forward

Our roadmap is purely based on the input and feedback we get from customers. Customer events like this directly shape our product roadmap and support structure. While the interaction ensures the attendees share knowledge and learn from each other, it also enables us to continue to be a real customer-centric organization.

Maarten Plokker, Managing Director at SiteSpect Europe says, “Energized and priceless! These words best describe what I have experienced at our Customer Advisory Board. All the input, feedback, insights, and questions from our great customers at this amazing venue are valuable and essential to our shared successes. I enjoyed the very rich interaction, the shared optimization successes, challenges, and learnings. We are honored to work with such digital market leaders and I am very proud of the level of partnership we developed with every single one of our customers. The valuable input during events like this and during our regular interactions all year long with our customers is key to successfully innovating and developing our solution and customer success.”

In the coming months, customers can expect updated machine learning capabilities for our personalization engine and product recommendations module, super fresh UX updates, stats engine improvements, client-side testing enhancements for SPA and front-end developers, analytics upgrades, and CDN edge deployments, as well as containerization.

Take a look at last year’s CAB blog post: Click here.

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Maarten Plokker

Maarten Plokker

Maarten Plokker is Managing Director of SiteSpect Europe, delivering the best in optimization to organizations across the continent. He is based in the Netherlands and has over 10 years experience in Sales and Account Management.

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