Blog Post: 12 Strategies for Improving Conversions

By SiteSpect Marketing

November 8, 2013


If you are looking for a primer on how to optimize conversion rates on your website, consider downloading SiteSpect’s latest e-book, called “12 Strategies for Improving Conversions.”

This e-book explores 12 strategies for maximizing conversion drivers and minimizing conversion barriers — the elements that are either helping or hindering the effectiveness of your website. Once you thoroughly understand these strategies, and the principles behind them, you can A/B test and optimize the elements associated with them to improve your web and mobile conversions.

The process of A/B testing reveals not only what works and should be implemented, but also what doesn’t work and should be avoided. Every website idea, whether content, functionality, or campaign-related, should be put to the A/B test to determine if it helps or hurts the visitor experience.

While some new ideas lift conversions, others fail — sometimes significantly. But even with these failures, there is definable knowledge gained over what to avoid the next time. The ability to A/B test a new idea and ‘look before you leap’ is an unmistakable advantage that breaks the constraints on marketing innovation.

Only once a solid A/B testing capability is in place, and the impact of any site change is able to be quantified, can marketers truly optimize their site’s conversion rates. Download the new e-book from SiteSpect.

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