July Visual Editor Update

By Justin Bougher

August 11, 2021


It’s August, and that means more new features for our Visual Editor. We have added many new features over the last several months so check out some of my previous blogs to read about those capabilities. In this blog I’ll talk about two major features we just added that I know you’ll be excited about.

Change List Window

Testing and personalization campaigns often contain a lot of changes across several pages. We discovered that it’s important to have a consolidated list of those changes so you can isolate their visual impact and understand where each lives on the page. The Change List window shows you every Visual Editor change applied to a particular campaign, both on the current page and across your site. Any change can be easily removed or edited directly from the change list — which saves a lot of time when you need to quickly find and tweak an existing page. This new change list window will be especially important for teams that have multiple users editing a campaign.

Inserting Elements

Often for a personalization or A/B test campaign, you’re not simply modifying an element on the page but adding new additional elements. We have dramatically improved our ability to add elements, including over 30 new element types. For example, now you can add common elements like headings, images, and lists along with other element types like articles, headers, and footers. Additionally we have added a multitude of placement options including before, after, replace, inside-top, inside-bottom, or around your selected element.

Check Out the New VE

We’re so excited to release these changes to make our Visual Editor more versatile and even easier to use. Check out the new Visual Editor on our site, or reach out to request a demo today.

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Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher

Justin Bougher was the VP of Product at SiteSpect.

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