12 Strategies for Improving Online Conversions – Webinar Now Available On-Demand

September 29, 2014



12 Strategies for Improving Online ConversionsSiteSpect’s recent webinar on “12 Strategies for Improving Online Conversions” attracted hundreds of attendees from top brands, financial services firms, and conversion rate optimization agencies. The recorded version is now available for viewing on demand. For additional information, you can also download the companion eBook.

Our presenter, Kim Ann King, Chief Marketing Officer of SiteSpect, discussed 10 tips to maximize conversion drivers and 2 ways to minimize barriers:

  • To maximize conversion drivers:

    • Define your Value Proposition
    • Create Relevancy
    • Ensure Consistency
    • Ensure Clarity
    • Create Urgency
    • Use Scarcity
    • Leverage Reciprocation
    • Promote Social Proof
    • Create Likeability
    • Establish Authority
  • To minimize conversion barriers:

    • Reduce Friction
    • Alleviate Anxiety

During the webinar, Kim provides specific examples of what to A/B test for each strategy. After viewing the webinar, you can put these tips into action right away to increase your conversions. Kim also proposes a strategy to implement all of these great A/B testing ideas.

Did you attend the webinar or watch on-demand? If so, we’d love to hear your feedback! Which conversion strategy do you plan to put into action first?

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SiteSpect Marketing

SiteSpect Marketing

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