Announcing the SiteSpect Partner Program

By Paul Bernier

February 6, 2024


The SiteSpect team is thrilled to announce the launch of our Partner Program. 

We’re really excited to work with some of the industry’s leading agencies and technology companies. Building the most partner-centric program in the industry to support SiteSpect partners will bring incredible value to our customers.

Jon Mead, Global Director, Solutions Engineering and Partnerships

The program allows strategic agency and technical partners to become experts on our patented, unique experimentation and personalization platform, and reap the benefits of a mutual referral relationship while delivering a higher-value service portfolio to the market.

Are you ready to partner with the most innovative experimentation technology in the industry? Let’s dive into the details of what joining this program could mean for you.

Join SiteSpect’s Partner Program

The SiteSpect platform serves Marketers, CRO Specialists, Product Managers, Developers, and UX Designers alike. 

We help Marketers improve conversions with our Visual Editor to change text, images, copy, and layout. Our platform aids Product Managers in validating and prioritizing roadmaps while assessing the impact of new features. Developers can optimize algorithms, conduct server-side experimentation, and enable feature flagging seamlessly. Meanwhile, UX Designers can take the reins and test complete site redesigns from concept to launch.

The SiteSpect Partner Program is designed to provide a guided journey that is easy to follow, beneficial, and most importantly, rewarding for your clients. 

This isn’t just about growing our network, it’s about intensifying the value we deliver to every business we serve. Our partners will bring a diverse range of skills and technologies that complement the mature and highly functional SiteSpect solution. For our customers, this means not only having access to top-tier experimentation technology but also benefiting from a wider spectrum of insights, strategies, and integrations that can drive their digital transformations forward.

Patrick Romich, Chief Executive Officer

By partnering with SiteSpect, you’ll get insights into the nuances of our patented, incredibly unique design. Here are a few benefits you can expect to gain from our Partner Program:

  • Joint marketing efforts: Joint messaging, conferences, and webinars to have a broader impact.
  • Quarterly and annual summits: Receive product and program updates, overall program growth, and goals to aim for.
  • Workshop events and agency packages: Agency-administered events to learn about the impact of SiteSpect in a tech stack with relevant use cases.

To learn more or apply to become a SiteSpect Partner, click the link below. ⬇️

Final Thoughts

At SiteSpect, we give you all the tools you need to reach your A/B testing goals. You’ll have access to client-side and server-side testing under one unified platform—plus so much more. There’s a reason why nobody does experimentation like us.

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Paul Bernier

Paul Bernier

Paul Bernier is Vice President of Product Management at SiteSpect. He has a background in website optimization, recommendations, and development, as well as web analytics. He is based in Boston.

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