A/B Testing Unveils Winning Strategy for the UK’s Leading Digital Health Service

By Luke Hardwick

August 17, 2023


As a pioneering force in digital healthcare since 2013, the UK’s top digital health service has carved a distinct path, empowering over 2 million individuals to conveniently manage their health requirements. Their comprehensive array of services covers treatments, tests, and medications, delivered directly to patients’ doorsteps or available for pick-up at more than 800 locations throughout the UK. 

Despite their success, the company maintains an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. And they recently identified an opportunity to do so. The digital health services company realized patients who frequently buy specific products later return to acquire complementary ones. Consequently, the company opted to conduct an A/B test by introducing related products on the patient’s order confirmation page. The purpose of this A/B test was to assess whether such an addition could drive repeat orders.

Here’s what happened.

The A/B Test in Action

The focal point of the A/B test centered on the patients’ purchasing behavior of emergency contraceptives (EC). Notably, these customers often returned to the website to buy contraceptive protection (CP). They had an idea to cross-sell CP to patients immediately after they completed purchasing EC. The underlying hypothesis was that introducing CP services directly on the order confirmation page, following an EC order would stimulate an increase in reorders. This would help to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) derived from each patient.

The Results

A careful examination of the performance metrics validated the hypothesis. Offering CP services directly on the order confirmation page for EC orders resulted in an uplift in reorders with checkout confirmation totals, showing a promising increase of +2.61%. When broken down into device categories, desktop users showed a +16% increase, while mobile users showed a +2.20% increase. 

Furthermore, other key metrics demonstrated improvement:

  • Assessment totals climbed by +1.31%
  • Service pages surged by +11.10%
  • Product pages showed a healthy +6.41% increase

Final Thoughts

Considering these findings, the A/B test confirmed this new approach positively impacted LTV by encouraging repeat purchases. Therefore, we can conclude that this A/B test was a winner and can be implemented for 100% of traffic. 

The digital health services organization now plans to expand the A/B test to its remaining four domains. These initiatives have the goal of enhancing mobile visibility to further drive conversions. 
The company will also be exploring other products that may benefit from this approach and will look to introduce the SiteSpect Product Recommendations tool to automate this and other aspects of the website. Projecting 30-day incremental impacts, they expect +260 incremental orders, further cementing the company’s commitment to constant growth and optimization based on insightful data.

Interested in learning more about the conversion-driving power of A/B testing? Get in touch with us.


Luke Hardwick

Luke Hardwick

Luke Hardwick is a Manager of Customer Success at SiteSpect, consulting for SiteSpect users on their optimization and personalization road maps and projects. Luke is based in London and has experience as an conversion rate optimization specialist across many softwares before landing at SiteSpect.

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