Case Study

Smartphonehoesjes’ Transition to Enhanced A/B Testing



Retail - Phone and Tablet Accessories & Service

Leusden, Utrecht, Netherlands

About Smartphonehoesjes

Smartphonehoesjes is the leading Dutch online retailer of phone and tablet covers and accessories with services and products to maximize all types of mobile devices. They also have a significant presence in Germany ( and France ( In a competitive field, and with over 35,000 high-quality products in stock, providing exceptional online customer experiences is key to customer conversion, retention, and a user-friendly reputation.

Company: Smartphonehoesjes
Previous Platform: Google Optimize
Challenges: SPA testing, server-side testing, easy replication of tests across multiple domains, page load latency, flicker, collaboration by Devs, CRO, Marketers, and Merchandisers on a single platform.
Chosen Platform: SiteSpect

“If I knew SiteSpect was this easy to implement and use, I would have started using it 5 years ago”

– Jurrien Schouten, CRO Specialist and CXO Team Lead, Smartphonehoesjes


Jurrien Schouten, Smartphonehoesjes’ CRO Specialist and CXO Team Lead can easily highlight the challenges the company faced with their previous A/B testing platform. There was an inability to replicate tests across multiple domains, performance issues were leading to slower page load times and flickering on the site. There were limitations A/B testing single-page applications (SPAs) and they couldn’t test more advanced things like checkout flow, shipping thresholds, and other server-side elements. Additionally, the integration with their Customer Data Platform (CDP) was a need and they wanted to support greater collaboration across their Dev, UX, and CRO teams.

Selection Process

As Google Optimize was sunsetting, Smartphonehoesjes sought a more robust, functional, and scalable A/B testing solution. They considered several enterprise-level A/B testing solutions with selection criteria focused on pricing transparency, performance capabilities, team expertise and responsiveness, and ease of use. SiteSpect stood out in all of these areas.

“The implementation process of SiteSpect was smooth and well-coordinated. A planning meeting was held with key implementation stakeholders including our Analytics Specialist and development team representatives. SiteSpect then guided us through an implementation checklist, ensuring clarity on all roles and expectations. SiteSpect then provided training to our front-end developers, UX designers, merchandisers, product owners, and CRO team, and continues to provide ongoing consulting and support.”

–Jurrien Schouten, CRO Specialist and CXO Team Lead, Smartphonehoesjes

Benefits of SiteSpect

The transition to SiteSpect brought significant benefits to Smartphonehoesjes. The platform’s ability to duplicate experiments across different domains and its superior performance, eliminating page load delays and flickering, directly impacted user retention positively. SiteSpect’s capacity for integration and collaboration with merchandising and development teams further enhanced its value. Additionally, the development team was able to leverage SiteSpect to push temporary bug fixes and feature tests independent of release events, supporting the company’s existing agile culture.


For Smartphonehoesjes, reliability and ease of setting up tests and previewing variations in SiteSpect was a significant advantage compared to the previous experiences. Schouten emphasizes the importance of involving all implementation and CRO stakeholders in the decision-making and implementation process, as well as training new employees on the platform to expand the benefits of experimentation within the organization.

Smartphonehoesjes’ experience with SiteSpect underscores the importance of selecting an A/B testing platform that not only meets the technical requirements of modern web development but also aligns with the organizational culture of innovation, collaboration, and agility. SiteSpect has proven to be a valuable tool and partner for Smartphonehoesjes, enabling them to significantly enhance their online customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and meet business KPIs.

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