A/B Testing Top 6: The Best Tests for 2023

By Kevin Plankey

December 8, 2022


A/B testing detects what best resonates with your website visitors to help improve engagement and conversions. You can A/B test a whole new page design to see which one engages better with your visitors, or it could be a specific piece of gated content used for lead generation. The point is, it doesn’t always have to be about sales and testing different things within your shopping cart or product detail pages. Essentially, any on-page component should be A/B tested.

Here are some ideas to drive engagement and conversions.

  1. Page Layout and Design – Any web page can benefit from testing, including signup flows, your onsite search page, a single landing page being used in a marketing campaign or an entire site redesign. And in the case of an e-commerce retailer, your product detail pages and shopping cart pages.
  2. CTAs – A/B test the button copy and once you have found out what resonates best there, look to test the button color. It’s amazing how small tests such as these can have a big impact.
  3. Images – A perfect example would be your home page hero image. Here you can test a static image versus a slideshow or maybe even a video. Hint: in my experience the more interactive the hero image the better the engagement.
  4. Content – The placement of content matters just as much as the type of content you are testing. One of my favorite things to test is customer reviews and testimonials. Try testing these on your biggest call-to-action page, such as a demo request or in the case of an e-commerce retailer, try using them alongside your product recommendations.
  5. Page Not Found – Because of the behavior of visitors when they see these pages, also known as 404 errors, you should direct these visitors to a variation that provides helpful links and access to immediate content such as blog articles or case studies to keep visitors engaged and on your site.
  6. Shopping Cart – This is something as an e-commerce retailer you should constantly be testing to address any perceived and actual pain points. Things like alternative payment methods and free shipping are just a couple of ways you can test to optimize conversions and sales.

Now that we have some ideas on what to test, here are some thoughts about where to get ideas and how to be as successful as possible.

  • Your competitors are a good place to start to see what they are doing and try and fit some of their ideas into your testing program
  • Always iterate. Just because it works today doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow
  • Don’t be afraid to run multiple tests at the same time
  • Make sure that each test reaches statistical significance. If your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, run the test for a longer period so you can get the necessary analytics you need to make that data-driven decision
  • Measure, measure, measure because better data equals better decisions.

A/B testing is not easy. But if you have the right tool and the right support, you will love the results.

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Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey is the Director of Demand Generation for SiteSpect and is responsible for marketing operations to include strategy and implementation of all demand generation efforts: social, email, website, organic/paid media, and event planning & promotion.

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