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Moon Audio Uses Navigation To Drive Conversions

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Cary, North Carolina

Moon Audio is a high-end audio gear retailer, specializing in custom audio cables (branded Dragon cables) and top-of-the-line headphones. They have been optimizing with SiteSpect since 2018, and have seen some great wins on their site. Since Moon Audio sells top-of-the-line equipment, they face different challenges from other ecommerce sites.

For this team, content consumption is huge, since the customer is typically a technical buyer looking to make an investment in audio. While orders are the most valuable conversion, micro-conversions leading up to the order (PDP clicks, scroll depth, or pages viewed) provide the insight the Moon Audio team needs to understand their customers, and ultimately help them get to conversion quicker.

Highlighting Content

For this experiment, Moon Audio focused on their product detail page. Since the brand caters to professional recording artists and audiophiles, the technical product details on these pages make a huge impact on sales and engagement. In the control variation, Moon Audio’s product detail page contained rich content, but it appeared mostly below the fold. The team used SiteSpect to create a test designed to help users see and engage with more of the product detail content and encourage add to carts.

In the test variation, the team added a sticky navigation bar to the bottom of the product detail page, linking to product detail sections. As customers either scroll or click a link in the navigation, the bar sticks to the top of the page, making it easier for customers to navigate product details. In addition, the sticky navigation bar featured the item price and a “Buy Now” button. The team hypothesized that this sticky navigation bar coupled with a perpetually visible “Buy Now” button would help customers find what they need and convert. This test ran for 15 days, and 10,643 users on desktops made it to at least one product detail page in the test variation.

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The test variation saw Add to Carts increase by 23% at 94% statistical significance. Overall time on site increased by 5% at 94% statistical significance. Further, users who did place an order in the test variation saw 42% more product detail pages, and were 47% more likely to scroll the entire length of the page.

Moon Audio Results

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