Go From Now to ‘Wow!’

By Kevin Plankey

November 4, 2022


All marketers have asked themselves at one time or another how to move from the current state of ho-hum to providing experiences that wow prospects. Depending on the level of experimentation your brand is engaged in today, this can be a short journey or a long arduous road to recovery. In either case, you must partner with an A/B testing and personalization platform so you can constantly iterate and improve on the customer experience.

Identify the Need

The customer experience is always in flux. You constantly must experiment to set you apart to begin providing consistent wow experiences versus the occasional wow.

Whenever a change in mindset occurs, there are many things you must consider, such as what are the benefits, will it reduce costs and mitigate risks, will it provide a better experience, and will it increase sales. With that said, check out our Choosing an Optimization Platform e-book to get you started and thinking about what a customer experience optimization platform should do.

Think Omnichannel

In today’s world, customers want a consistent experience across different channels. You need to make sure that you are providing an omnichannel experience across any platform and on any device so you achieve an overall enhanced customer experience and smoother conversions.

Look at Personalization as a Profit Generator
By being able to offer the right experience to the right visitor at the right time you will possess the power to deliver extraordinary user experiences, and watch your loyalty and revenue grow. Remember, those who have a good experience will buy again. Every visit is an opportunity to provide that wow experience, not just on some visits. Every contact with a customer can deliver profit.

Be Experience Focused

It is all about the customer experience. Developing an experience-focused approach is something you continually need to grow, because anything less than a wow experience will have a negative impact on future purchase intent. Engaged customers take the spotlight and will spread their experience with your brand via social media, reaching a much bigger audience. You don’t want this to happen with a bad customer experience.

Providing a rewarding experience, however, will be the basis for customers to become vocal voices for your brand. Perception of quality then moves from product to customer experience.

Look Elsewhere

To get ideas on what you should A/B test and personalize, review the companies that provide the best service you have experienced and create a hypothesis for something that you would like to experiment with. Visit their websites and determine what works and what doesn’t on these websites. In addition, rather than evaluate only your industry, branch out to look at companies from various industries.

Create Your Brand Experience

Decide what you want your brand to be and the appropriate characteristics of a branded customer experience. Remember, a random experience is inconsistent and unintentional. A predictable experience is consistent and intentional but is not differentiated or talked about. A branded experience, however, is consistent, intentional, provides that differentiated “wow” experience, and is very much talked about. The goal is customer loyalty that produces raving fans.

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Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey

Kevin Plankey is the Director of Demand Generation for SiteSpect and is responsible for marketing operations to include strategy and implementation of all demand generation efforts: social, email, website, organic/paid media, and event planning & promotion.

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