SiteSpect Synopsis: Building Customer Relationships

By Bill Cunningham

October 30, 2018


At the base of optimization and personalization practices is a desire to provide customers the best experience possible. Of course, what that looks like will vary between organizations, but it usually involves understanding customers first and foremost. In this Synopsis, I’m diving into recent stories that impact how brands develop and maintain customer relationships, and how to optimize in a way that establishes customer loyalty.

target with customer satisfaction at center

Digital Engagement and the Connected Car, Business Insider


In this preview of a research report, Peter Newman looks at the potential for connected cars as a venue for brands. While media consumption seems stable, time in cars has been rising. This includes use of ride share services, where riders want to be connected. Further, with self driving car development on the rise, cars are getting smarter and smarter. While there is a lot of work to be done in terms of systems integration and development, the opportunity here is big. Brands should have connected cars on their radars as a customer relationship point.

Facebook Messenger 4 Will Make it Easier for Users to Connect with Brands, Marketing Land


Facebook Messenger 4 came out this month, and the updated platform provides new opportunities for brands, reports Amy Gesenhues. The new version is big news for brands, since Facebook is revamping the app to be a bigger source of ad dollars. Meaning, users have easier access to brands through messenger.

The app now has three tabs as opposed to the original nine, and one of those will be called “Discover.” This tab allows users to find and message brands. This update widens the opportunity for brands to advertise in the messaging space and connect with customers in a new interface.

The Best Way to Respond to Social Fury is Still Up for Debate, AMA


As the title suggests, the conclusion of this article is, “there’s simply no right way to respond to outraged social media users.” However, writer Hal Conick reports on a few useful key facts.

When faced with online outrage, it’s important to know that the bulk of those posts will come from retweets by posters who will post less than two times on average. It’s likely these customers will look to vent and find corroboration, but then let the incident go. However, posts expressed with less emotional language tend to get overlooked but actually deserve more brand attention. In this case, it’s best to reflect on the criticism and on whether it warrants a real brand change.

What are you doing to engage your customers? What brands do you love?

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Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is the Chief Revenue Officer at SiteSpect, leading a national team and overseeing marketing messaging, programs, and communication. He has over 25 years of VP experience and is based in Boston.

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