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The Data is In From Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

By Bill Cunningham · December 1, 2020

We are so pleased to report that SiteSpect customers have enjoyed another fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Overall traffic for our customers increased by 27% and we have…

Experimentation is Not Just for the Marketing Function

By Bill Cunningham · July 10, 2020

Experimentation and A/B testing often focus on the marketing function — increase conversions, engagement, and customer satisfaction. But it shouldn’t end there. An experimentation mindset should spread to all areas…

Why CMOs and CIOs Need to Work Together

By Bill Cunningham · April 8, 2020

I’ve worked with a lot of organizations over the years, always in roles that are dependent upon marketing and the internal IT infrastructure working successfully. I’ve seen it succeed and…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Where is TV Advertising Going?

By Bill Cunningham · March 13, 2019

Traditional advertising on television and print has finally lost its supremacy over digital marketing. Why? Because it’s harder to track, harder to target, and impersonal. With personalized marketing that you…

SiteSpect Synopsis: Marketing Trends For 2019

By Bill Cunningham · January 4, 2019

Happy New Year and welcome 2019! As is tradition, we’re bringing in the new year with a list of trends to look for in the next twelve months. This blog…

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SiteSpect Synopsis: Building Customer Relationships

By Bill Cunningham · October 30, 2018

At the base of optimization and personalization practices is a desire to provide customers the best experience possible. Of course, what that looks like will vary between organizations, but it…