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Optimizing Mobile Performance in Responsive Design

By SiteSpect Product Management · May 1, 2014

Responsive design, the concept of building a web page that stretches/shrinks into differently sized screens, can have a big impact on page performance, especially on mobile devices. A recent study…

Optimizing On-site Search Increases Conversions

By SiteSpect Marketing · April 16, 2014

Google has almost single-handedly transformed how we find information on the Internet. Today, most browsers allow you to conduct searches directly from the address bar without even having to go…

New E-Book from SiteSpect Reveals Unexpected Ways to Optimize Your Website

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 28, 2014

We’ve published a new e-book entitled “17 Big Testing Ideas” that are designed to do exactly that: create a big impact. Your customers expect a delightful and relevant online experience,…

Site Latency and Other Key Themes from Conversion Conference 2014

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 27, 2014

More than 200 professionals converged on the recent Conversion Conference in San Francisco to hear from industry experts and update their skills in website conversion optimization. It’s one of our…

How Intuit Created a Better Customer Experience with SiteSpect by Improving Site Performance

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 26, 2014

SiteSpect has published a new client case study with Intuit. Here’s a brief synopsis: Challenge: Intuit Payroll discovered that its website performance (from a page speed perspective) was hindered by…

Key Takeaways: A/B Testing and the Benefits of an Experimentation Culture

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 10, 2014

A recent blog post on “A/B Testing and the Benefits of an Experimentation Culture,” by Wyatt Jenkins on Harvard Business Review’s website, raises several points that resonate with SiteSpect’s view…

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