How to Get Executive Stakeholder Buy-in for Your Website A/B Testing Program: Collaboration

By SiteSpect Marketing

January 16, 2014


Moving on to the next step in getting executive buy-in for your A/B testing program, you may have a significant amount of data about A/B testing from the research phase (see the previous blog post in this series). Search through that data and pull out the key statistics that will provide the foundation of your reasoning for A/B testing. These key statistics will likely differ by role and may also vary by industry, so ensure you have identified those that are most important and keep others close by for reference.

To start, set up informal meetings with colleagues from each department. Or just grab lunch with each of them. This time is intended not only to tell colleagues about the A/B testing initiative but also to solidify in their mind that this will ultimately help drive their business and department results.

When you are meeting with colleagues, be clear about what your goals are for this new program and how it will ultimately help them. For example, if I were meeting with a director of finance at an e-commerce company, I would be sure to mention things such as these:

  • Competitors X, Y, and Z are using A/B testing solutions and all have publicly stated they have seen a 40-115% increase in average order values.
  • Annual tool cost, according to sources, is generally regained within the first month and within the first two A/B testing campaigns.
  • A/B testing, targeting, and personalization give the marketing team the ability to gain a better data-driven understanding of how visitors are using our site, and to make changes accordingly.

After having one or two successful meetings, ensure that you also bring your direct supervisor or boss into the picture as well. Having the same type of meeting with your can help push your A/B testing goals even further. Ensure in this same meeting that you are clear that the A/B testing program will require devoted resources to get the full benefit. Next up in this blog series: The Ask. Stay tuned!

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