A/B Testing Promotional Messaging Finds Big Wins for Retailer

By SiteSpect Customer Success

July 20, 2018


Are you thinking about A/B testing on your digital channels, or have you been running an A/B testing program but are interested in learning more? You’ve come to the right place. Think of this blog series as a catalogue of optimization A/B tests, where you can learn about what went right, what went wrong, and where you might be able to A/B test your sites for optimal engagement and risk mitigation.


The Brand

A prominent multichannel retailer.

The Project

This brand wanted to increase the purchase rate on specific promoted products, and had used various promotional messaging and banners in the past. This time around, they wanted to optimize the messaging by determining whether banner messages, product messages, or both drove higher conversions.

The A/B Test

The control group of this experiment featured a generic “Save with us today” banner with no promotional details. Version A maintained the original banner and added the promotional details above it. Version B kept the banner, but moved the product details to the product description. Version C included both the messaging above the banner and with the product details.

The Results

Version A  saw over 185% increase in conversions. Version B saw no significant change. Version C saw a conversion increase of 120%.

Next Steps

The results of the A/B test revealed that the messaging above the banner drove a significant positive change of behavior.  While the combination of changes outperformed the control group, the results with only a single change outperformed the combination of changes. The brand decided to move forward with just the banner messaging to simplify the messaging and design. The brand rolled out the banner messaging to 100% of traffic, and then moved on to additional A/B testing to further optimize the promotional messaging.

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SiteSpect Customer Success

SiteSpect Customer Success

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