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Safari ITP

A/B Testing and Web Optimization is About to Change: What You Need to Know

By SiteSpect Marketing · June 13, 2019

If you’ve heard about Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Mozilla Enhanced Tracking Protection you’re probably concerned about how these changes will impact your data quality and the viability of your…

McDonald's Acquires Dynamic Yield

What Does McDonald’s Acquisition of Dynamic Yield Mean for Current Customers?

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 26, 2019

You want fries with that? The news is out that McDonald’s has acquired personalization solution Dynamic Yield. This is a major shift for Dynamic Yield. While we’re bound to see…

basketball dunk.jpg

Save Yourself a CX A/B Testing Upset, Get a Guaranteed ROI

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 19, 2019

Welcome to March Madness! You’ve done the research, looked within, and committed to your bracket. Maybe you used NCAA data to focus on the potential upsets, or stuck with the…

Ideas to Help You Expand Your Optimization Program

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 4, 2019

As an optimization leader, you know the value A/B testing brings to your company. You’ve seen the ROI on your optimization investment, and you’re looking to grow your efforts. So,…

Blog: Testing Single Page Applications with SiteSpect

By SiteSpect Marketing · March 1, 2019

The choice of technology for building a website will impact your consumer experience. At SiteSpect, we are seeing more digital businesses build Single Page Applications (SPA) as the architecture for…


The Avengers: How the Super Team Can Improve Your Marketing Program

By SiteSpect Marketing · April 27, 2018

Even if you’re someone who suffers from superhero fatigue, you can’t deny what Marvel Studios has accomplished over the last decade, as they’ve created a superhero movie franchise with interconnected…