Save Yourself a CX A/B Testing Upset, Get a Guaranteed ROI

By SiteSpect Marketing

March 19, 2019


Welcome to March Madness! You’ve done the research, looked within, and committed to your bracket. Maybe you used NCAA data to focus on the potential upsets, or stuck with the most likely winner in each match. Maybe you forwent the hard data altogether. Maybe you’re still thinking about last year, when there were no perfect brackets and an estimated $10.4 Billion in bets. Don’t you wish you could have had some kind of guarantee? Well, while you can’t have that kind of safety in NCAA basketball, you can find some respite in the match ups you can be sure you’re winning: your optimization match ups with SiteSpect.

Guaranteed CX A/B Testing ROI

When you A/B test variations — either server-side or client-side — of your brand’s digital channels, you really can’t know what variation will win. That’s the whole point of A/B testing, each site or app has its own set of successes and failures. So, while you still can’t create a perfect bracket, you can guarantee that you’ll win the pool. (Browse our case studies to see examples of real successes). Good data means good decisions. No matter what, you’re maximizing revenue and improving your KPIs.

Every change you make to your digital channels will have some effect on your customers’ behavior. You must have a clear way to know how those changes affect your business so you can act accordingly. To do that, you need a comprehensive dashboard to track where you’re winning and where you’re losing. Kind of like your bracket, but with the only possible outcome being to make more money.

Measure, A/B Test, Measure

When you run an A/B test, we think of it as a playoff game. If you do a simple A/B test, it’s a one-off game between two comparable teams. If you A/B test more than that, then it’s more like the tournament. After every game, we compare the scores for you, as well as all the relevant stats: who played well, who scored the most, what players were injured, who sat out, what the coach said to the players, where they were at halftime, from what part of the court the most shots were taken, what kind of shoes the players wore, what was the temperature in the stadium, and on and on.

Is your head spinning? Ours isn’t. That’s because we put this together in an actionable report for you. Betting on your favorite team is fun. Betting and winning every time, guaranteed, is more fun.

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