A/B Testing and Web Optimization is About to Change: What You Need to Know

By SiteSpect Marketing

June 13, 2019


If you’ve heard about Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Mozilla Enhanced Tracking Protection you’re probably concerned about how these changes will impact your data quality and the viability of your marketing efforts. On June 27, we’ll be holding a live webinar, “A/B Testing and Web Optimization is About to Change: What You Need to Know.” In this event, Paul Bernier, SiteSpect Director of Product Management, will answer questions for marketers about how to continue optimizing across digital channels and to maintain data quality without relying on tracking cookies.

Paul Bernier Head shotBernier has been at SiteSpect for 8 years with experience both as an optimization consultant and a product manager. He has a background in computer science and web analytics, with both technical and business expertise. In this webinar, Bernier will answer everything you need to know about how the Safari and Firefox changes will affect the marketing industry, and also take live user questions.

To join the webinar, register here.

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