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Paul Bernier is Vice President of Product Management at SiteSpect. He has a background in website optimization, recommendations, and development, as well as web analytics. He is based in Boston.

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Sync or Async JavaScript Tags – A User Experience Penalty

By Paul Bernier · December 20, 2022

When it comes to deploying a JavaScript tag to your website, there are generally two main options available: you can load the code snippet Synchronously or Asynchronously. Each vendor tries…

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Why TTFB Is Not the Best Indicator of Site Speed

By Paul Bernier · June 20, 2022

We all do our best to eliminate latency on our digital channels. It’s been shown time and time again that slow sites correlate to lower conversion rates and less engagement.[source]…

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SiteSpect’s Visual Editor Releases Responsive Feature

By Paul Bernier · April 22, 2022

Responsive web design provides a great web experience for users across devices, without the need for installing native apps. Websites are built in such a way to adapt to users’…

How to monitor your A/B Testing and Personalization Program?

By Paul Bernier · March 12, 2021

How many times have you looked at results from an A/B test, only to realize that something went wrong? Some of your metrics don’t have data, certain segments of users…

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How to Launch New Features with Testing

By Paul Bernier · April 22, 2020

Product launches are an exciting but hectic time. Marketers are busy preparing communications and campaigns to highlight the new features and benefits, while IT and development teams are double-checking code…

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Should You Test, Target, or Both?

By Paul Bernier · August 13, 2018

The frontier between A/B testing and targeting is not always clearly defined, and the decision to choose one or the other can get confusing. To make matters more complicated, there…