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Luke Hardwick is a Manager of Customer Success at SiteSpect, consulting for SiteSpect users on their optimization and personalization road maps and projects. Luke is based in London and has experience as an conversion rate optimization specialist across many softwares before landing at SiteSpect.


The Royal Wedding: A Case Study in Seamless Third-Party Integration

By Luke Hardwick · April 20, 2018

The upcoming royal nuptials between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really got us thinking. Just like the happy couple, here at SiteSpect we operate a transatlantic, US-UK union. We’d never…


The Best A/B Testing Fail of the Week: When No News is Great News

By Luke Hardwick · April 19, 2018

This week’s Best A/B Testing Fail of the Week celebrates the anticlimactic results. The A/B tests that you expect to make all the difference but turn up nothing. More often…


How to Cure Priority Paralysis: Using an Action Priority Matrix

By Luke Hardwick · September 18, 2014

Sometimes, having too much choice leaves you paralyzed. This is especially true if you work in optimization. Website stakeholders from all over your company are generating lots of A/B test…