New Release Testing


When you release new features on any of your digital channels, you must also measure and understand the effect they have on your bottom line. This requires testing at every stage of the release process. For example:

  • Roll out the new release to a small segment of visitors first
  • Measure KPIs on a specific page before implementing site wide
  • Test the new release across devices

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You can’t test feature flags, new releases, search algorithms, vendor optimization, and more.
SiteSpect supports every server-side use case, combines with client-side options, and integrates with your analytics.

You cannot integrate your testing solution with your SPA framework. You have no server-side SPA option either.
SiteSpect lets you test, personalize, and optimize on all SPA frameworks with no additional integration.

You have seen inaccurate data from browser misfires and page abandonment.
SiteSpect’s proxy approach captures any browser or web server event.

Success Story





Industry: Retail

Problem: Wanted to build mobile site in house.

Campaign: Built new site and performed Origin Experiments to compare performance to the original site.