Search Algorithm Optimization


Whether you use a third party vendor or not, the search algorithm on your website can impact your revenue. While search bar usage is an important KPI, it doesn’t give you the whole story. For example:

  • Search bar usage may increase as conversions decrease
  • Successful searches may require fewer follow up searches (meaning lower
    search bar usage)
  • Algorithms delivering irrelevant results could lead to lower average order value

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You can’t test feature flags, new releases, search algorithms, vendor optimization, and more.
SiteSpect supports every server-side use case, combines with client-side options, and integrates with your analytics.

You want to use client side and server side features with one platform, but currently you cannot.
SiteSpect has been one platform for 10 years, and there’s no additional integration required to have it work properly.

You find it hard to figure out if you’re getting a good return on your investment.
SiteSpect offers an ROI dashboard with custom calculation for all selected campaigns.

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Industry: Retail

Problem: Low use of search tool

Campaign: Redesigned search bar and measured effectiveness of search algorithm