Replatform Mobile Site


There are many reasons you may need to replatform your mobile site. Maybe conversions on mobile lag due to poor site performance, you’re moving to an SPA, or you simply want to work with a new vendor or build your own platform in-house. Whatever the situation, it’s crucial that the platform change doesn’t hurt your user experience. The best way to achieve this is to test and optimize each step of the new roll out. You might,

  • Roll out your new platform release to a small segment of users and measure behavior before a full release
  • Measure KPIs on specific pages before implementing site-wide
  • Test site function, optimize algorithms, and measure page speed impact before roll out

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You can’t test feature flags, new releases, search algorithms, or vendor optimization, and more.
SiteSpect supports every server-side use case, and is the only solution to offer server-side and client-side variations within the same campaign.

You cannot integrate your testing solution with your SPA framework, and you have no server-side SPA option.
SiteSpect can test, personalize, and optimize on any SPA framework with no additional integration.

You have seen inaccurate data from browser misfires and page abandonment.
SiteSpect’s Proxy approach captures any browser or web server event.

You are unable to ensure that users see a consistent experience across devices.
SiteSpect’s Omnichannel Campaigns automatically recognize users across devices and deliver a consistent, personalized experience, everytime.

Success Story


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Industry: Retail

Problem:  Built new mobile platform in-house, but needed to ensure it wouldn’t hurt CX

Campaign: Conducted Origin Experiments to compare performance on the original mobile site versus the new one.