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Weyco Group Boosts Revenue by 408% by A/B Testing with SiteSpect

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Weyco Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WEYS), designs and markets quality and innovative footwear for men, women and children under a portfolio of well-recognized brand names including Florsheim, Nunn Bush, Stacy Adams, BOGS, Rafters and Forsake. The company’s products can be found in leading footwear, department, and specialty stores worldwide. Weyco Group also operates Florsheim concept stores in the United States and Australia, as well as in a variety of international markets.

Account History:

In 2020, Weyco Group identified an accelerated need to improve its digital transformation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it would have on revenue as consumers continued to turn to online shopping.

Jeff Douglas, VP Marketing of Weyco Group shared his thoughts about how Weyco sought to adjust to the changing market, “We really didn’t have resources internally and weren’t getting the help externally. We had this incredible list of projects and tests we wanted answers for. Basically, we wanted to integrate A/B & multivariate testing into our development cycle to make more scientific decisions to drive revenue and learning.”

Weyco Group recognized a need for a scientific and data-driven approach for improving their ecommerce conversions and revenue while improving the customer experience. In order to achieve this, the company identified the following:

  • Company culture and optimization strategy needed to evolve
  • They need to be nimble, agile and scientific
  • Current internal testing was producing poor and inaccurate data
  • Technical support was limited and lacking due to internal resources
  • Internal optimization expertise was needed

They were fortunate to have leadership who was data-driven and put trust in the team to deliver on the ROI. The team set out to find a vendor who could help them with their digital transformation.

Why SiteSpect:

A major component in choosing SiteSpect was to have a dedicated account team with ecommerce optimization experience to support Weyco Group in their implementation, onboarding and execution of experimentation. SiteSpect worked with their IT and development teams to audit their sites for effective testing. Weyco Group also underwent analytics training to best understand the testing results that proved to be beneficial for scientific decision-making and reporting.

According to Ryan Wittmann, Manager of Business Insights & Growth Marketing at Weyco Group, “We really wanted an A/B testing partner who would be the extra person on our team, bringing experience and a vision. SiteSpect held our hand throughout the whole process, which for us was extremely important since we have a small but mighty team and were unfamiliar, at the time, with A/B testing.”

The Aha Moment Test:

One of Weyco Group’s first A/B tests with SiteSpect solidified the investment and ROI value. Weyco Group performed a modal pop-up test on their shopping cart. The control included a static display of product recommendations on the shopping cart page. The static display wasn’t personalized to the customer and as more products were added, the display would be pushed further down the page.

Weyco Group Test: Control
Weyco Group’s Control

SiteSpect suggested a pop-up modal test that would display personalized product recommendations over the shopping cart page based on the customer’s selections.

Weyco Group’s Variation


Variation wins!

  • 22% increase in views
  • 243% increase in the click rate
  • 83% increase in ATC
  • 408% increase in revenue

Weyco Group was elated over these results as it solidified the value and ROI in selecting a partner like SiteSpect. This aha moment helped the marketing team better understand their customers so they could make better ecommerce decisions based on the scientific data from SiteSpect testing. Since becoming a customer, Weyco Group has launched many A/B tests via SiteSpect’s platform and continues to successfully optimize their site to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

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