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Personalization & Omnichannel

Personalize for real-time impact

High conversion rates. Loyal customers. Brand advocates. SiteSpect can help you attain these goals through actionable, engaging, and tailored customer experiences. It’s consistent, personalized, and omnichannel, delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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Customer Insights

Accurate and actionable. Anytime.

SiteSpect’s analytics and reporting tools provide access to real-time data for faster decision making. Teams can spot trends while campaigns are running and make adjustments on the fly — versus making changes after the fact based on events in the “rearview mirror.” They can track hundreds of metrics per optimization and filter the analytics to isolate the ones that matter, in context, and predict relevant outcomes.

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Optimization and Testing

Validate engagement strategy and decisions

Get the knowledge to make the best possible decisions on digital strategy and omnichannel engagement. SiteSpect’s A/B, Origin Experiments®, and multivariate testing solutions can optimize the entire digital experience, from the front-end look and feel to back-end functionality.

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Mobile Optimization

A better experience.

Elevate the customer’s mobile experience with A/B and multivariate testing and our industry-leading targeting and personalization solution. SiteSpect helps businesses create a richer, more compelling customer experience across a wide range of mobile devices. From native iOS and Android to mobile web and hybrids, it’s time to take mobile to new heights.

Take Mobile Further

Professional Services

Further together

Our experienced consultants will help you get where you need to be faster and with fewer hurdles. As a trusted partner, we’ll provide improved efficiencies no matter where you are in your optimization process. Learn how our team of experts can assist you with a wide range of services including testing, analytics, site speed, mobile and more.  

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