A/B & Multivariate Testing

Test and optimize the entire digital experience.

Targeting and Personalization

Discover and deliver personalized experiences.

Mobile Optimization

Deliver a consistent experience on any device.


Accelerate your site for the optimal user experience.

Walmart.com Selects SiteSpect for Multivariate Testing and Site Optimization.
Trulia Optimizes Its Real Estate Search Website With SiteSpect's Non-Intrusive Multivariate Testing and Targeting Platform.
SurveyMonkey Researches Web Optimization Solutions and Chooses SiteSpect as the Right Answer.
Fanatics Teams Up with SiteSpect to Optimize its Sports Merchandise E-Commerce Site
Staples Selects SiteSpect for Website Optimization and Multivariate Testing.
We want to know that a new experience is better than the former experience, and testing allow us to identify what’s working or not working – and often, we’re proven wrong! That’s great because it allows us to constantly revise and optimize our site in areas we couldn’t without SiteSpect
Anthony Rindone
Manager of A/B Testing and Analytics
One of the keys to A/B testing is the ability to iterate rapidly, so we liked that SiteSpect offered us the ability to run simple HTML find-and-replace tests without needing to push the test products live during our standard release cycle.
Dan Voorhies
Director of Analytics
Once we went to SiteSpect, all of our tagging information could be completely stripped out, and what’s left on the page is exactly what matters. And, because SiteSpect does not use tags for testing, it introduced no latency to our pages.
Mukul Sheopory
Web Marketing Manager