Shipping Threshold Testing


If your business ships goods, you have to decide how to price shipping. When does it make sense to offer free shipping? At what price does shipping affect conversions? The only way to know is by testing. For example, you may:

  • Test free shipping against paid shipping and compare overall revenue
  • Test advertising copy for shipping cost promotions
  • Compare scaled shipping prices depending on products

Success Story


revenue increase

Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

You have difficulty coordinating email shipping promotions with shipping thresholds on the web.
SiteSpect can coordinate any email link with the appropriate online experience.

You cannot communicate the shipping threshold to your billing system.
SiteSpect allows one campaign to use both server side and client side techniques. You can communicate with your billing system and messaging simultaneously.

You cannot validate and QA campaigns by pretending to be a user from different locations, devices, and so on.
Preview any experience as any user for combinations of locations, devices, referral URLs, cookies, or headers.

Success Story


revenue increase



Industry: Home Goods, Retail

Problem: Unsure whether to advertise shipping promotion on low-priced items

Campaign: Introduced free shipping badge on every item