Personalized Product Results


CX is often the most important feature when it comes to retaining customers. Personalization allows you to provide a stellar experience for all of your customers or site visitors. For example you might:

  • Display personalized content based on the visitor’s previous site activity
  • Target promotions to the individual’s demonstrated interests
  • Offer product recommendations that align with each visitor’s location and buying habits

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Common Pain Points & Solutions

Pain PointSolution

Something happened with your campaign and you don’t know what it is: is it broken, hurting conversion, or has it reached significance?
SiteSpect offers actionable alerts for any campaign including winners, losers, poor performing variations, traffic warnings, and conflicts.

You need one platform to optimize across mobile web and native apps.
SiteSpect offers a single platform for mobile web and native app optimization.

You cannot validate and QA campaigns by pretending to be a user from different locations, devices, and so on.
Preview any experience as any user for combinations of locations, devices, referral URLs, cookies, or headers.

Success Story

Brand offered personalized store fronts on the web and mobile pages.


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Industry: Retail

Problem: Needed to find a way to display products based on customer interest

Campaign: Incorporated Audience Stream affinity data with SiteSpect to present specialized store fronts.