SiteSpect vs. Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maxymiser End-of-Life

Oracle Maxymiser will no longer be available after May 31st, 2024. Experiments and personalization campaigns can continue to run until that date. Any experiments and personalization campaigns still active on that date will end.

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Are you ready for the Oracle Maxymiser sunset? For current Oracle Maxymiser customers, switch to SiteSpect and get complimentary migration and onboarding.

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Why Choose SiteSpect as Your Oracle Maxymiser Replacement

SiteSpect Oracle Maxymiser Details
SiteSpect’s patented design makes it the most performant experimentation and personalization platform available. You’ll provide user experiences that are 100% flicker-free without delaying page load times. Apply changes in the flow of experience delivery without any SEO issues, and have unlimited scalability to experiment and personalize across many users, A/B campaigns, and devices simultaneously.
Data Accuracy
SiteSpect is free from JavaScript tag misfires, immune to browser tracking protection (ITP/ETP), and offers Outlier Data management and Real User Monitoring integrated into any campaign report.
Professional Services
SiteSpect’s customer success team is 100% internal, full-time, domestically-located staff. Every customer works with a named optimization consultant, solution developer and account manager.
Company Focus on Optimization
With Oracle Maxymiser, personalization and optimization is an afterthought. SiteSpect’s entire organization and mission is 100% focused on driving customer revenue through personalization, testing and product recommendations.
SiteSpect sits in the flow of web traffic, so client-side tests are easily setup and operated by way of the SiteSpect UI and/or Visual Editor. There is full Single Page App (SPA) and Progressive Web App (PWA) support, including with the Visual Editor. SiteSpect never uses JavaScript tags, so there is no risk of tag misfires, flicker or the type of latency caused by tag-based solutions like Oracle Maxymiser.
SiteSpect was the first server-side testing solution and is the most mature in this space. In addition to traditional feature-flag testing, SiteSpect can be used for rewrites/redirects and as a smart load balancer for release testing, and platform migration. These are included for one fee with one UI and never uses SDKs. Oracle Maxymiser does less & costs more.
SiteSpect is not only a best-of-breed optimization, personalization and product recommendations solution, but consistently beats Oracle Maxymiser on price and ROI.
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    Already Integrated with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

    GA4 promises improved tracking, data analysis, privacy controls, enhanced reporting, and new customization options. If your organization is one of the many looking to implement GA4, rest easy knowing that SiteSpect already integrates fully with GA4 as well as all other leading analytics platforms.

  • campaigns

    All-in-One A/B Testing, Personalization, and Recommendations

    Are you using Oracle Maxymiser for client-side experimentation, and separate tools for personalization, product recommendations, server-side testing, and feature flagging? SiteSpect provides all of this functionality under one platform. Consolidate these functions into a single interface or add them as new functions to your optimization program.

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    Easy Migration & Onboarding

    Our onboarding team will work with you to ensure your Oracle Maxymiser experiments are transitioned without interruption to your testing and personalization program.

  • Professional Services

    A Solution and Consulting Agency All in One

    When you work with SiteSpect, you extend your team to include dedicated, expert optimization consultants and implementation specialists. We’ll assist with:

    • Ideation & Prioritization
    • Training
    • Campaign Data Analysis
    • 24x7 Critical Support
    • Testing Strategy Development
    • Test & Template Builds
    • Industry & Use Case Knowledge
    • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Server-Side Testing

    Patented Server-Side Technology

    SiteSpect’s patented design offers benefits that cannot be replicated. Not only will you replace all the functions of Oracle Maxymiser, but you’ll gain unique capabilities that can propel your experimentation program to the next level. Transform APIs and content right in the flow of delivery, gain advanced server-side experimentation, and improve page load times. SiteSpect’s engine sits in the flow of traffic, so we never need to use JavaScript tags or server-side SDKs.

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    Faster Page Load Times and Limitless Campaigns

    This same patented design means users can exist in multiple campaigns simultaneously without conflicting campaign overlap, flicker, or degradation to user experience. This opens up a world of possibilities for the number of testing and personalization campaigns you can run at once.

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Top Reasons to Go With SiteSpect

Optimize Everything

Unified optimization across all channels and devices.

Scale As You Grow

Function and capacity to meet any optimization team journey.

Faster Site Performance

The fastest optimization platform on the planet.

Partner With An Expert

Optimization and user experience specialists assigned to your team.

Better Data

The most accurate data for smarter business decisions.

Secure And Certified

PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and all the controls to let you sleep easy.

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