Optimization and Browser Tracking Protection

The only solution not affected by Safari ITP or Firefox ETP.

What is Safari ITP and Firefox ETP?

Safari and Firefox have both announced new browser tracking prevention features: Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention, and Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection. By default, Safari will now block all first-party and third-party tracking cookies, and Firefox will block all third-party tracking cookies. These changes are in response to a push for more user privacy on the Internet. While Safari and Firefox can now better protect their users, this is causing a huge shift for advertisers, marketers, and web optimization professionals. Any tag-based marketing tool will inherently depend on browser cookies to get the data it promises. This means any data collected with those tools is automatically compromised.

SiteSpect is the only testing and optimization solution that does not set cookies in the browser at all, meaning it offers full data accuracy, personalization, and testing capabilities without interfering in user privacy.

Why Isn't SiteSpect Affected?

Because of our patented architecture, SiteSpect sets any necessary cookies before the browser stage. This means that you never need to insert extra tags to provide the performance quality your customers expect, and browser tracking protection doesn't interfere with your campaigns. Further, SiteSpect complies with all security guidelines, meaning you never put your customer's information at risk.

What Are the Risks of Tracking Prevention?

If you use SiteSpect, there are no risks. If you use another tool, the risks from browser tracking protection are:

  • Inaccurate data from Safari and Firefox
  • Inconsistent experiences for users between visits, or across devices
  • Poor user experience, lower conversions, and unreliable data

To learn more, watch this video or read this blog.

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