You can’t improve personalization if you don’t measure it

November 3, 2017

Eric Hansen, CTO and founder a SiteSpect, discusses the science of personalization with Diginomica’s Barb Mosher Zinke. From how a customer should feel about a personalized experience to the importance of companies having a core set of KPIs, Hansen shares his insights for tackling personalization challenges.

The science of personalization

Eric Hansen, CTO, and founder a SiteSpect, understands the challenges of good personalization. He believes good personalization is when a customer doesn’t realize the site has been tailored to them. You need to look at things like where the customer came from, past behavior (shopping cart items, known customer) and present a personalized experience. Maybe that’s adjusting the navigation, offering promotions, cross-selling, renewals, additional services, all in an organic way.

Hansen also pointed out that there is no hard rule organizations can follow to do personalization right. Websites are different; customers are different; the products and services sold are different. What works for one company can provide inspiration, he said, but you can’t copy it.

And this is where we back up and we start talking about experimenting and measuring and adapting to find the best way to personalize a customer’s experience…

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