SiteSpect WATTS® Enables Industry’s First Turnkey Web Analytics Integration For Multivariate Testing

December 9, 2014

Web Analytics Tag Transformation and Segmentation (WATTS) provides real-time visibility of testing data within all major Web analytics systems

Integration requires no programming, feeds, manual data imports or exports, saving marketers and IT personnel time and money

SiteSpect, Inc., the leading provider of non-intrusive Web site testing and optimization solutions, today launched its patent-pending WATTS® technology to enable visibility of multivariate test data within any major Web analytics system. SiteSpect WATTS is the first and only turnkey solution for integrating multivariate testing data into web analytics systems without the need for costly and time-consuming programming, feeds, or manual data imports or exports.

SiteSpect WATTS allows Web marketers to instantly view the results of their multivariate tests within any major Web analytics system, enabling an unprecedented level of segmentation, analysis and optimization of user behavior. Like the rest of the SiteSpect solution, activation of WATTS is fast and non-intrusive — no changes are required to the Web site, and no page tags need to be added or modified.

A growing number of SiteSpect customers – including,, Skinner Auctions, Verio and Online Labels – are currently using WATTS to integrate their multivariate testing data into Web analytics tools from third-party providers. WATTS is currently available for users of Omniture®, Coremetrics™, WebSideStory® HBX™, Visual Sciences™, ClickTracks™, WebTrends™, Google Analytics™ and Unica® Affinium NetInsight™.

“WATTS is our latest effort to provide web marketers with next-generation site improvement tools that are easy to use and deploy. Our users may now analyze data within SiteSpect, their third-party web analytics tool, or both systems simultaneously,” said Eric Hansen, president of SiteSpect. “It’s gratifying to see WATTS being embraced and valued so quickly by our customers. The ease with which WATTS is activated greatly accelerates the adoption process.”

SiteSpect WATTS offers a 100 percent real-time capability for injecting more than 20 different data dimensions into web analytics page tags, URL’s, forms and cookies. Appearing as new metrics within the third party web analytics system’s interface, WATTS dimensions include test campaigns, factors and variations, as well as user and visit-level attributes.

Additional SiteSpect WATTS features include the ability to:

  • Integrate multivariate testing data, in real-time, into existing third-party web analytics systems for expanded analysis and segmentation
  • Auto-tagging: inject whole third-party tags to accelerate implementation of new Web analytics systems
  • Tag-transformation: morph existing third-party tags into other tags to facilitate trials and migrations for new Web analytics systems

SiteSpect WATTS is available now to all SiteSpect customers.

About SiteSpect, Inc.

SiteSpect enables Web marketers to optimize web site effectiveness through multivariate testing. By testing variations of landing pages, product descriptions, search results and buy-flows, SiteSpect allows marketers to fine-tune every aspect of their Web site to increase profitability. As the first and only non-intrusive solution available, SiteSpect empowers marketers to optimize their sites without the need for ongoing IT involvement. SiteSpect’s patent-pending technology is used in some of the world’s largest and most successful e-commerce sites. For more information, visit or call 617-859-1900.