SiteSpect Launches New Contentful App to Optimize Content

June 5, 2023

BOSTON, MA, June 5, 2023 – SiteSpect, a leader in A/B testing and experimentation, with client-side, server-side, mobile and OTT app technology, unveils a brand-new app that enables experimentation and personalization on your Contentful content and assets using the SiteSpect A/B testing engine. Contentful is a headless content management system, embraced by many organizations to take control of their content.

The app makes it easy to associate content and assets with experiments or personalization efforts that are powered by SiteSpect. Simply create a campaign in SiteSpect, associate it with the relevant content or assets in Contentful, and launch your experiment. SiteSpect takes care of splitting users into groups, targeting users based on geography, device, behaviors, etc., and providing rich analytics on what variation performs best for your KPIs.

“Organizations using Contentful want to optimize their content strategy, and A/B testing is key to innovating in that space,” says Paul Bernier, Vice President of Product Management at SiteSpect. “Traditional A/B testing tools do not integrate easily with Contentful and make it difficult to launch even simple experiments on content.”

The SiteSpect Contentful app is now available via the Contentful Marketplace. For more information, please contact


About SiteSpect:
SiteSpect is leading the advancement of customer experience optimization solutions for the world’s most successful businesses. Top brands such as Cabela’s, Mattel, PetSmart, U-Haul, and Urban Outfitters have leveraged SiteSpect’s technology and expertise to grow their businesses. SiteSpect’s patented solutions enable customers to optimize the entire digital experience from the front end to the back end while centrally managing across channels, business units, and product lines. For more information, visit

About Contentful:
Contentful is a headless content management system with an API-first approach giving you the freedom to build experiences you love. The Contentful composable content platform scales across the enterprise, to accelerate how teams build great digital experiences. For more information, visit