SiteSpect Launches Enhanced Analytics

May 1, 2020

Today SiteSpect, the optimization and personalization innovator, continued delivering on its claim of “Better Data” by launching SiteSpect Enhanced Analytics. The offering integrates Real User Monitoring (RUM) directly into campaign results and also unveils a new Outlier Data feature.

Paul Bernier, SiteSpect Director of Product Management explains, “Outliers are data points in an A/B test or personalization campaign that fall far outside an expected range. They can skew the story data is trying to tell and the decisions data is meant to inform. For example, let’s say you’re monetizing online and tracking average order value. One large order may skew your results. With the outlier functionality we now offer in Enhanced Analytics, we’ll identify that large, anomalous order and allow a customer to apply one of two mitigation techniques: Filtering, which is to remove the outlier by removing all reporting data associated with the site visit, or Smoothing, where all data from the site visit will remain intact, except the outlier data point, which will be replaced with a value that is the average of the remaining data set.”

In addition to the new Outlier Data feature, SiteSpect took its Real User Monitoring (RUM) to the next level by integrating it directly into campaign reports.

“There are many standalone tools that provide real user monitoring data, and even some optimization tools have begun to offer it,” states Bernier. “But we’re doing something truly unique by putting RUM data into a single view, integrated right into all reports. This means we can track numerous performance metrics from real user interactions, reveal how a site performs throughout testing and personalization campaigns, and layer these granular statistics right into any report to really understand how variations and new experiences impact speed and business KPIs.”

SiteSpect Enhanced Analytics is available today as an add-on package for existing SiteSpect cloud customers and will be available to its on-premise customers in June 2020. Companies that wish to schedule a demonstration or want additional information can visit or contact a SiteSpect representative by emailing


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