Site Testing — The Gift That Keeps Giving

December 8, 2014

Not until enlisted SiteSpect to run some simple tests did the travel/destination website realize how much revenue it was losing because of its mobile strategy. Within a month and a half, had a new plan in place that has already dramatically increased conversion rates.

Implementation of the live A/B testing took only a matter of days, and had quantifiable results to evaluate after a little more than a month. Once it was able to determine the specific needs of’s growing mobile audience, SiteSpect offered a mobile website strategy that continues to produce optimal ROIs and higher revenues.

SiteSpect provides these and other services for companies such as NewEgg, Mozilla,, ShopNBC and many others. Through its non-intrusive A/B and multivariate website testing, SiteSpect provides its clients with the tools required to evaluate the statistical data needed to get the best results.

Today’s website testing methods and processes are faster, easier and more cost-effective than they’ve ever been, a fact that too many business owners have failed to realize. In addition to SiteSpect, there are numerous capable vendors who can put your site on the right track for 2011.

Two new companies in the website testing space are Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer. Both have launched in the past year and offer A/B testing for prices ranging from $20 per month to $400 per month – and both also offer free trials. SiteSpect has website optimization and targeting capabilities, in addition to its wide-ranging testing solutions, and pricing is established on a case-by-case basis with the help of a company representative.

This article originally appeared in the November 2010 issue of Website Magazine. You can read the original version here.