Setting the Stage for the IoT Revolution: How Businesses Can Improve Their Strategies Before It’s Too Late

June 7, 2018

As the IoT quickly pervades all parts of our daily life, businesses need to revise and improve data collection and analysis practices quickly. With so many new streams of data, the basics of these new analytics aren’t established. VP of engineer and development at SiteSpect, Paul Silevitch, explains how business can make the best use of all the data at their disposal.

Building a Data Strategy That Can Evolve with the Business

The business and technology worlds will only continue to evolve and advance. Just look at the current wave of IoT and artificial intelligence solutions entering the market. To keep up with these shifts, businesses need to develop a flexible data strategy that can roll with the punches — so they don’t get knocked out in the process.

By utilizing a solution that hosts information from both client and server side in one centrally-managed view, business leaders will have access to the critical information they need to continually improve performance. On top of this, a holistic data system will allow the organization as a whole to make incremental changes that align with their evolving needs and goals.

IoT innovations will no doubt create new data resources for businesses. Before connected devices fully take over, business leaders must prioritize building a strong foundation for data analysis.

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