Military Advantage, the Nation’s Largest Online Military Destination, Chooses SiteSpect to Optimize Website Content

December 8, 2014

SiteSpect Web Optimization Platform Enables Military Advantage to Discover What Online Content Members Prefer

SiteSpect, Inc., the leading provider of non-intrusive multivariate testing and behavioral targeting technology, announced today that Military Advantage ( has selected SiteSpect as its testing and targeting solution. Using SiteSpect gives the ability to optimize everything on its site without having to change the underlying code.

Military Advantage is the largest online military destination, with more than 10 million members. enables Americans with military affinity to access their benefits, advance their careers, enjoy military discounts, and stay connected for life. The organization will use SiteSpect to test and target content with members to better understand their online behavior and what discover what they prefer.

“We want to provide the best online experience for our members and in order to do that, we test content to gain better insight into the preferences of our members, who are essentially voting with clicks,” said Breanna Wigle, CRM Manager, Military Advantage. “SiteSpect has allowed us to easily understand what works and avoid what doesn’t. In fact, we’ve already seen a 70% increase in conversions from some of our PPC landing pages.”

“Because of its considerable audience size, online traffic volume, and deep web content, Military Advantage is the perfect organization to benefit from SiteSpect’s non-intrusive testing and targeting solutions,” said Kim Ann King, Chief Marketing Officer, SiteSpect. “By discovering the right mix of online content for each audience segment, Military Advantage is able to offer a customized experience for their members and better meet their needs.”

With SiteSpect’s non-intrusive approach to multivariate testing, companies can quickly and easily determine what content will have the greatest impact on visitors’ behavior. SiteSpect optimizes a site’s effectiveness by testing everything from forms to landing pages, layouts, variations of copy, different offers, photos, navigation elements, links and buttons, as well as various creative approaches and conversion funnels. The SiteSpect approach is unique in that no changes are made to the actual website that is being tested. Unlike the alternatives, SiteSpect does not require any changes to the HTML or programming code that drives a website. This approach eliminates the need for ongoing IT or web design involvement before, during, and after running tests — allowing clients such as Military Advantage to focus on achieving their website optimization goals and saving precious time and resources.

About is the nation’s largest online military destination serving over ten million members, including active duty personnel, reservists, guard members, retirees, veterans, family members, defense workers and those considering military careers. enables the 30 million Americans with military affinity to access their benefits, advance their careers, enjoy military discounts, and stay connected for life. develops efficient affinity marketing and communications programs for government agencies and companies serving this market. More information is available at

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