How Online Optimization Has Become a Must Have for Online Retailers

December 9, 2014

Chances are you’re spending a lot of time, money and effort driving traffic to your online store. More and more, online retailers are realizing that the way to stand out from the crowd, and increase the return on investment of their reach and acquisition initiatives, is to optimize their site so that they’re giving visitors exactly the experience they’re looking for. Read the full article.

Increasingly, online optimization is becoming a must have for retailers in order for them to discover the following:

  • the content their visitors prefer;
  • which offers, discounts and incentives work best;
  • how different audience segments behave online;
  • what kind of content and functionality consumers prefer on their mobile devices;
  • how to make their site work better, not just look better; and
  • how speeding up page load times improves online conversions.

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