Build Loyalty with a Strong Mobile Customer Experience

December 8, 2014

The mobile channel is seeing a dramatic rise in popularity. Companies are trying to keep up, not just with marketing, but with all facets of customer strategy. Consumers use their phones to receive marketing messages, interact with customer service, and make transactions. It is becoming an integral part of the customer experience.

Mobile is a channel that can’t be ignored. A study of 3,600 U.S. consumers conducted by Sterling Commerce and Demandware finds that more than 96 percent of consumers own a mobile phone, and just under half own a smartphone. What’s more, 15 percent of consumers have used their mobile device to make a purchase, nearly 25 percent use their phone while in a store to compare products and prices, two thirds of respondents are interested in using their mobile phone to scan and purchase items, and another 25 percent are receptive to the idea of receiving specials and promotions while shopping. Consumer demand is growing for a customer experience that incorporates mobile.

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