Announcing Contentsquare and SiteSpect’s Integration

October 1, 2020

Today SiteSpect, the optimization and personalization innovator, announced its integration with Contentsquare, a leading digital experience analytics platform that helps companies optimize customer journeys and increase conversion rates. With this integration, companies can combine SiteSpect’s personalization and A/B testing tools with Contentsquare’s experience analytics solution to better understand customer behavior and take the digital experience to the next level.

Justin Bougher, VP of Product at SiteSpect says, “When we looked at Contentsquare, there was a natural fit for integration. Both Contentsquare and SiteSpect not only provide platforms aimed at improving the user experience, but we both do so across the many organizational touchpoints that share this goal.”

Justin adds, “One of the shifts we’ve seen in the market over recent years is that the challenge to improve UX and drive revenue is no longer placed at the feet of just marketing and UX teams. Network Operations, Merchandising, Development, and Analytics teams all have a hand in achieving an experience that is fast, personalized, and feature-rich. So while organizations need platforms that check the individual functional needs of each team, they also need one that provides a holistic approach and view to shared goals. Both SiteSpect and Contentsquare do that.”

Especially the past six months, where the pandemic environment has changed consumer behavior and shifted business practices, the capacity for continuous and agile optimization has proven make or break for many organizations.

Gilad Zubery, Vice President, Global Business Development & Partnerships at Contentsquare says, “The brands that were able to successfully navigate the past six months of uncertainty are those with the mindset and tools to make smart decisions quickly. In other words, those with a continuous experience optimization strategy. This level of agility requires a sophisticated understanding of customers coupled with the technology to make and validate real-time decisions. We’re excited to be partnering with SiteSpect to help brands deliver on the customer experience promise and stay competitive whatever the circumstances.”

The integration between the two tools is available today and supported across all SiteSpect deployment models and geographies. Companies that want additional information on the integration can contact a SiteSpect representative by emailing

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