Analyzing the Anatomy of the Modern Marketer

December 9, 2014

Creatures evolve in ways that increase the likelihood of survival. For humans, such changes now extend past our physical form, allowing our minds to embrace this era of technological evolution we incited long ago. Yet, as the rate of innovation increases dramatically with the birth of every new gadget, marketers and the brands they support must also evolve at breakneck speed in order to remain relevant.

Because the consumer landscape has changed so drastically in a relatively short period of time, marketers are no longer bound by channels. Instead, leaders in the space now work to develop relevant, personalized, and data-driven campaigns that allow their brands to respond quickly and adapt to market demands. Where marketers were once responsible for disseminating their brand’s message to the masses, the majority now pauses to collect feedback from customers, taking in much more than they could ever dish out. The modern marketer listens more than they talk, allowing them to cultivate informed strategies that connect with consumers on a deeper level. Money no longer does all the talking—the consumers do.

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