57 Insights from leading brands and experts on what it takes to deliver a Wow customer experience: Part 2

January 30, 2018

SiteSpect founder and CTO Eric Hansen makes Adrian Swinscoe’s list of how to deliver customer service that “Wows.” Hansen says that “whether it is reactive or proactive,” the customer experience “should always be personal and personalized.”

“Over the course of the last 18 months and since How to Wow came out I’ve [Adrian Swinscoe] being interviewing a range of leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, thinkers and academics about what it takes to deliver better outcomes for their customers and their people.”

“Moreover, towards the end of each of these interviews I have been asking them to share their perspective on what Wow service/experience means to them.”

Eric Hansen shares that “SiteSpect, a leading software platform that offers optimization, testing, targeting, and personalization solutions that allows businesses to create superior customer experiences,” can create that experience. “Wow service/experience, whether it is reactive or proactive, should always be personal and personalised.”


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