Optimizing Mobile Performance in Responsive Design

Iwo Kadziela

Responsive design, the concept of building a web page that stretches/shrinks into differently sized screens, can have a big impact on page performance, especially on mobile devices. A recent study cited in eWeek revealed unacceptable page load times of 155 responsive sites analyzed. In fact, just 21% of the sites loaded in less than four seconds on mobile phones. The study identifies site images as the major culprit behind slow load time. For all sites, the average page weight is often adversely impacted by image size. Server-side technology can help solve this problem.

Site Latency and Other Key Themes from Conversion Conference 2014

Ellen Julian

More than 200 professionals converged on the recent Conversion Conference in San Francisco to hear from industry experts and update their skills in website conversion optimization.

How Intuit Created a Better Customer Experience with SiteSpect by Improving Site Performance

Kim Ann King

SiteSpect has published a new client case study with Intuit. Here's a brief synopsis:

Page Performance and A/B Tests

Iwo Kadziela

A/B test campaigns often try to improve the online user experience in order to increase key performance indicators such as conversion and engagement. But, what happens when our ideas for improvement, tested in A/B test campaigns, have unexpected results?

A Marketer’s Cheat Sheet for Web Optimization

Kim Ann King

You think you have a great website, but do you? If you are not optimizing your site via A/B and multivariate testing and behavioral targeting, you are likely not making the most of your online presence. So where to start? This checklist will help you make sure you're not only optimizing the effectiveness of your site, but also better engaging your audience, which will help you achieve your online marketing goals.