A/B & Multivariate Testing

Advanced testing for serious analysts.

With SiteSpect, you can test and optimize every aspect of the customer experience to see which content, features, and functionality are most compelling.

  • Test every aspect of your site.
    SiteSpect enables you to test both content and functional changes to your site or app – not just how they look, but also how they work. With SiteSpect, you can test any content, such as such as HTML, JSON, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, and more.
  • Run more tests in less time.
    Run all the tests you want, hundreds if not thousands, even where tag-based tools can’t test. The only limit with SiteSpect is your imagination.
  • Deliver measurable wins for the entire organization.
    Create tests for every department in order to optimize the entire online user experience.

Testing for the entire organization.

With SiteSpect’s A/B testing, you can quickly test any site change, such as a call-to-action button, a hero shot, or a free shipping price threshold against one or more variations to see which is most persuasive.

  • Simply choose variations, metrics, and campaign options, and get a ready-to-activate test campaign.
  • Quickly determine the impact created by each test variation.
  • Set up and run your campaign using SiteSpect's Visual Editor.
  • Evaluate the statistical significance of your real-time results both during and after each test campaign.

SiteSpect’s multivariate testing makes it easy to test any number of changes simultaneously – helping you understand the combinations of variations that yield the most effective results.

Test features and functionality.

With SiteSpect, you can move beyond content optimization and test how your site actually works. Optimize features, search algorithm changes, checkout flow process, pricing, and much more:

  • New Feature Releases.
    Soft launch new features on a subset of users and learn how they respond, in real-time.
  • Feature Segmentation.
    Present different features to different audiences -- based on customer value, device, geography, new vs. existing customers, etc. -- to optimize KPIs.
  • Search Algorithm Optimization.
    Make head-to-head comparisons of the effectiveness of different versions of your search algorithms or even multiple search vendor software solutions.
  • Pricing Experiments.
    Test your “free shipping” threshold or offer different price promotions to distinct sets of targeted users.
  • Complete Site Redesigns.
    Enable the testing of radical changes to your site experience targeted to specific users.
  • Checkout Flow and Functionality.
    Optimize your checkout flow through experimentation even on secure https pages.

SiteSpect can also run any experiment that compares one set of functionality or database content versus a different set.

What Makes SiteSpect Different

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What makes SiteSpect different