A/B & Multivariate Testing

Test and optimize everything

SiteSpect allows you to test and optimize the entire digital experience, from the front-end look and feel to the back-end functionality. SiteSpect offers the widest range of tests that matter to more stakeholders.

Test creation for all ability levels

Every team in your organization can harness the power of testing to optimize their digital business. SiteSpect’s Visual Editor allows non-technical users to set up experiments without coding and to visually preview changes as they make them. SiteSpect also allows advanced users to quickly create more complex tests. In addition, our API lets you automate test creation, management, and analysis.

Trusted, data-driven validation

SiteSpect allows you to track more KPIs per test and filter to the right metric that matters. SiteSpect's powerful reporting integrates with your data ecosystem and third-party tools, reducing the time and effort it takes to make the right decisions.

Deployment options

SiteSpect gives you a choice of deployment options to meet your business requirements: on-premise, private cloud, or public cloud. With data privacy and security at its core, the SiteSpect platform is the ideal choice for any company with compliance, privacy, and regulatory concerns.