A/B & Multivariate Testing

Test how your site looks and works.

Engage your website audience using SiteSpect’s innovative technology. Test and optimize every aspect of the customer experience to see which content variations are most compelling. Run campaigns on actual site visitors and analyze results in real time.

With SiteSpect, you'll know exactly which changes should be made, and which ones shouldn't — before you make any modifications to your site. And only SiteSpect’s architecture makes it easy to test dynamic content such as search results, as well as server-side functionality, without the speed impact or “flicker effect” caused by JavaScript tag-based testing solutions.

A/B testing made simple.

With SiteSpect’s A/B testing, you can quickly test any site change, such as a call-to-action button, a hero shot, or a free shipping price threshold against one or more variations to see which is most persuasive.

  • Whether the changes are big or small, A/B testing is an easy way to determine which variations improve the conversion rates of and revenue from your web site.
  • SiteSpect's campaign builder interface makes designing and implementing your A/B test campaign a snap.
  • SiteSpect’s powerful real-time analysis tools help you evaluate the statistical significance of your results both during and after each test campaign.

Multivariate testing in minutes.

SiteSpect’s makes it easy to test any number of changes simultaneously – helping you understand the combinations of variations that yield the most effective results.

  • Simply choose variations, metrics, and campaign options, and get a ready-to-activate test campaign.
  • Quickly determine the impact created by each test variation.
  • Set up and run your campaign using SiteSpect's campaign builder interface.
  • Evaluate the statistical significance of your real-time results both during and after each test campaign.

“Non-intrusive multivariate testing with SiteSpect is easy to implement, easy to use, and the results so far are outstanding. We've actually increased our conversion rate by 2.3%, which translates to 1.7 million additional Firefox downloads per year!”

Justin Fitzhugh

Vice President